Paul Mirabel and Paul El Kharrat in government autism awareness campaign

Paul Mirabel and Paul El Kharrat in government autism awareness campaign


Entertainment figures to fight against autism. The comedian Paul Mirabelseen in particular in the show “LOL, qui rit sorte”, and Paul El Kharratthe big winner of the 12 coups de midi, appear in a video released by the government on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day.

“We never make too much effort to open ourselves to difference. Knowing autism better means living better together,” writes the Prime Minister Gabriel Attal in a publication on the social network X, containing the video.

In his show Zèbre, comedian Paul Mirabel briefly mentioned his little brother’s autism. Subsequently, the actor returned to the condition of his younger brother during several interviews. “It’s okay to be a little weird, to feel a little out of place? I have two little brothers, one of whom is autistic. There is no one way to see things,” he confided in the influencer’s podcast Léna Situation“Six-seater sofa”.

Paul El Kharrat was diagnosed with Asperger’s Autism at the age of 15. In his book “My 153rd victory” (Ed. Harper Collins), the young man looks back on the television experience which crowned him winner 152 times and which allowed him to highlight his handicap. “Asperger’s should no longer be a taboo. The more people know about this syndrome, the better they will behave towards us. And we will no longer be the rejects of society,” he claimed in an interview given to Le Parisien in September 2020.

According to the High Authority for Health, nearly 600,000 adults are autistic in France.


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