Ozempic and Wegovy weight loss injections: big business – health

Ozempic and Wegovy weight loss injections: big business – health

Novo Nordisk is doing big business with weight loss injections: the Danish company’s market value has tripled since 2020 and was now at 400 billion euros. This meant the company was worth more than the Danish national budget or the leading German car brands combined. The market for these syringes is huge and the company can hardly meet the demand.

Novo Nordisk donates generously to specialist associations in the diabetes and obesity sector in Germany, organizes conferences and finances studies. Jens Aberle, head of the German Obesity Society, also received money from the company, but did not make this transparent. There is a “potential conflict of interest,” criticizes Berit Uhlmann from the SZ knowledge department after joint research with NDR and WDR.

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