Our city’s “United Nations Diabetes Day” publicity campaign launches in 2023

Our city’s “United Nations Diabetes Day” publicity campaign launches in 2023

  At present, diabetes has become a common chronic disease that endangers public health. Diabetes can easily cause complications such as stroke, myocardial infarction, retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, and diabetic foot. It has a high disability and mortality rate, seriously affects the health of patients, and brings serious consequences to individuals, families, and society. A heavy burden has come, and it has becomeIt is a serious global public health problem.

  2023YearNovember 14th isNo.17indivualUnited Nations Diabetes Day,The theme of the promotion is to understand the risks and understand the responses. It aims to remind people of the importance of preventing diabetes, while also emphasizing the impact of the disease on life and encouraging people to improve their lifestyles to prevent and manage diabetes.Effectively reduce the risk and harm of diabetes and protect the health of the people.2023YearNovember 14day,Sponsored by Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, Tianjin Center for Disease Control and Prevention,HexiDistrict Health Committeehost,Hexidistrict disease prevention and controlcenter,Tianjin Hospital,Tianta Street Subdistrict Office,Tianta Street Community Health Service CenterCo-organizedofTianjin City and Hexi District“United Nations Diabetes Day” 2023Promotional activity launching ceremonyexistTianta Lake Zijin PlazasuccessLiftmanage.Attend thisLaunching CeremonyThe leaders include Jiang Guohong, deputy director of Tianjin Center for Disease Control and Prevention, non-infectious diseasediseasepreventive controlDirectorZheng Wenlong; Party Committee of Hexi District Health Commissionvicesecretary,Director of Hexi District Center for Disease Control and PreventionWang Chunna,Xu Jin, Vice President of Tianjin Hospital.

  At the launching ceremony, Director Jiang Guohong andWang ChunnasecretaryThey gave important speeches respectively.Dean Xu Jin of Tianjin HospitalbetweenShaoGot itDiabetes related work experience in Tianjin Hospital,With Director Yang’s announcement, this year’s United Nations Diabetes Day promotion event was officially launched. The audience applauded and cheered, and balloons were released in the air along with music.TiantastreetTai Chi teamandThe aerobics team brought us wonderfulPerformance.After the launching ceremonyfree clinic activities for diabetes expertsformalturn on,This free clinic event invited the Department of Endocrinology and Nutrition of Tianjin Hospital and the Tianta Street Community Health Service CenterMore than 10 experts,Event site, expertsthemWith rich clinical experience, he patiently answered questions for those who came to participate in the event, provided health guidance to patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, gave scientific and reasonable medication and diagnosis and treatment suggestions, and provided medical services such as measuring blood pressure and blood sugar. at the same time,The launch site was organized by placing promotional display boards,Distribute health knowledge brochuresand health support tools,Carry out health knowledge popularization and improveDiabetes in the massesAwareness and self-care awareness.There was an endless stream of residents on site, creating a good publicity atmosphere.

  also,During the promotion period of “United Nations Diabetes Day”, branch venues were also set up to successively organize and carry out healthy dish selection competitions in nutritious and healthy restaurants and canteens, spread the concept of healthy life and scientific dietary knowledge, and guide healthy restaurants and canteens to play a leading role in demonstration and start from themselves. , promote healthy cooking methods and nutritionally balanced meals, scientifically prevent and control diabetes through diet, and improve public health awareness and health literacy; invite diabetes clinical experts to the TV station’s “Health Lecture Hall” column and go to the community to give lectures on diabetes prevention and treatment, aiming to let More people understand the dangers of diabetes, improve bad behaviors in life, develop a healthy lifestyle, improve themselves and their families’ awareness of prevention, and control and delay the occurrence of diabetes.

   Although diabetes has a high prevalence and great harm, it is still a preventable and controllable disease. This “United Nations Diabetes Day” series of activities has enhanced people’s awareness of the dangers of diabetes and effectively improved the general public’s awareness of diabetes-related knowledge. Diabetes Day publicity activities have been carried out in various forms to further expand the coverage of the activities and enhance the The level of health services helps build a healthy China and a healthy Tianjin.

  Popular science knowledge on diabetes prevention and treatment

  1. Diabetes can be prevented and controlled

  Early detection and comprehensive management of diabetes can prevent and control diabetes complications and reduce the disability rate and premature death rate of diabetes.

  1.Nutritional therapy, exercise therapy, drug therapy, health education and blood glucose monitoring are the five comprehensive treatment measures for diabetes. Maintain a healthy lifestyle of reasonable diet and regular exercise;

  2.healthy people fromTest fasting blood glucose once a year starting at the age of 40. People with prediabetes are recommended to test fasting blood glucose or 2-hour postprandial blood glucose every six months;

  3.Diabetic patients can significantly reduce the risk of diabetic complications by taking measures to lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, adjust blood lipids and control weight, and correct bad living habits such as quitting smoking, limiting alcohol, controlling oil, reducing salt, and increasing physical activity. Through diet control and exercise, the body mass index of overweight and obese people (BMI) at or near 24;

  4.Self-management by diabetic patients is an effective way to control diabetes. Self-monitoring of blood glucose should be carried out by professional doctors and/Or carried out under the guidance of a nurse.

  2. Healthy lifestyle and diabetes

  Patients with diagnosed diabetes should actively practice and adhere to lifestyle behaviors.

  1.Weight control

  The goal of weight loss in overweight and obese patients is toLose 5%-10% of body weight in 3-6 months. People who are wasted should achieve and maintain their ideal weight for a long time through a reasonable nutritional plan.

  2.Reasonable meals

  Control total heat, energy balance. The diet is nutritionally balanced and meets the patient’s nutritional needs.Reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates (such as white rice, pasta, cookies, etc.) and sugary drinks and replace them with whole grains or mixed legumes1/3 polished rice, noodles and other staple foods. It is recommended to choose foods with low glycemic load.

  3.Moderate exercise

  becomepeople2People with type 2 diabetes should have at least150 min (such as exercising 5 days a week, 30 minutes each time) moderate intensity (50%-70% of the maximum heart rate, a little exertion during exercise, heartbeat and breathing are accelerated but not rapid) aerobic exercise (such as brisk walking, cycling, Tai Chi Boxing, etc.); daily physical activities should be increased and sitting time should be reduced. It is recommended to perform resistance exercises 2-3 times a week (the interval between two exercises is ≥48 hours). Exercise therapy should not be used when accompanied by acute complications or severe chronic complications.

  4.Quit smoking and drinking

  Quit smoking scientifically and avoid passive smoking. Drinking alcohol is not recommended for people with diabetes. Those who have a drinking habit should stop drinking.

  5.Salt limit

  Refer to the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” (2022)》The daily intake of salt for children and adults aged 11 and above shall not exceed 5g.

  6.psychological balance

  Keep a regular schedule to reduce mental stress and keep you in a happy mood.

  three,“Three more and one less” high blood sugar, typical symptoms and easy to diagnose

  Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by elevated blood sugar due to defects in insulin secretion and/or action.Typical symptoms of diabetes are“Three more and one less” (polydip, polyuria, weight loss), people who have typical symptoms of diabetes and meet any of the following conditions can be diagnosed with diabetes:

  1.Blood sugar at any time of day≥11.1mmol/L(200mg/dl);

  2.fasting blood sugar level≥7.0mmol/L(126mg/dl);

  3.oral glucose tolerance test2-hour blood glucose level ≥11.1mmol/L.

  4. Who should pay attention to diabetes?

  People with one of the following factors are considered to be at high risk of diabetes

  1.age≥40 years old

  2.Overweight and obesity



  5.meditation lifestyle

  6.family history of diabetes

  7.history of gestational diabetes

  8.Macrosomia (birth weight)≥4Kg) Reproductive history

  6.1mmol/L≤Fasting blood glucose (FBG) <7.0mmol/L, or 7.8mmol/L≤2hPG (2hPG) <11.1mmol/L, indicating impaired glucose regulation, also known as prediabetes, belonging to a very high-risk group for diabetes.

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