«Optimal quality of life even with just one organ»- WWN

«Optimal quality of life even with just one organ»- WWN

Of Ruggiero Corcella

Nephrectomy, the kidney removal operation to which Francesca Michielin underwent, may be due to an oncological diagnosis or if the organ loses its functionality and causes pain or fever for various reasons

What is there nephrectomy?

the surgical removal of all the kidney.

In what cases might it be necessary?
Nephrectomy is necessary for two main reasons – explains the Professor Umberto Capitaniourologist and head of scientific research on kidney cancer at San Raffaele in Milan as well as executive member of the European Guidelines—: in the event of a oncological diagnosis, in particular when the disease is of such dimensions that it is not possible to remove only the diseased part. Or if the kidney loses its functionality and causes pain or fever for various reasons, such as the presence of a large calculation kidney disease or a narrowing of the urinary tract causing swelling of the kidney (hydronephrosis) which at that point gradually loses its ability to filter the urine.

What are the most common symptoms?

In the case of kidney cancer, in most cases there are no particular symptoms but an incidental diagnosis made during checks for other reasons. In the case of calculative or renal dilation, the symptoms are predominantly severe abdominal and lumbar pain. It may be associated with fever or blood in the urine.

What is the quality of life of a patient after surgery?

The optimal quality of life. It is clear that having one kidney only requires periodic checks and may require medical therapies in the following years.

What are the possible complications?
There are complications during and immediately after surgery, such as bleeding and infection, but they are uncommon. In the long run it can develop kidney failure which may require changes in diet, the use of drugs up to more invasive therapies (such as dialysis) in the most serious cases.

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February 1, 2024 (modified February 1, 2024 | 8:02 pm)

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