Ondaine. Sporting event, new brands, digital museum… the best of the year

Ondaine.  Sporting event, new brands, digital museum… the best of the year

The organization of the first Appelouse Corrida was a great success

Organizing a sporting event in the streets of Firminy and for a good cause was David Soulier’s initial idea. All while raising awareness of disability among the general public since they have been working hard for years to help the Trois pas pour Sélim association.

For its first edition, the Carrida Appelouse left its mark. It must be said that David Soulier, knew how to create a buzz on the networks social by soliciting high-level athletes, but also by targeting French showbiz with Bouder or Gil Alma to announce the event. Without forgetting the official teaser of the event offered by MC Pampille!

On July 1, 475 runners responded favorably to the invitation and took to the streets of Firminy. Traders and partners also played the game. In the end, some €15,000 was donated to the association in favor of Sélim, who suffers from cerebral palsy. A second edition should see the light of day in 2024.

The 2023 edition of the Corso was full

30,000 or 50,000?

If the popularity of Nuts seems to have attracted a little less people for its 2023 edition, the corso was full on Sunday October 22. A large number of spectators gathered along the route, between the Mas roundabout and the Pont-Chaney roundabout.

People, a lot of people along the main street of Firminy, but how many people exactly? Difficult to say because the estimates of the national police (around 25,000 people) differ greatly from those of the City (60,000 spectators). In any case, the party was beautiful with around fifteen floats, including five musical ones – a first this year – and the French and international troops who knew how to set the mood.

To wait for it, everyone will have waited for this health center in Les Noyers, especially Carine Marolles, the pharmacist from the Roseraie who initiated the project almost ten years ago.

On December 4, the brand new pharmacy finally opened its doors. A week earlier, the nurses’ office and the midwives’ office had also taken possession of the premises. If the osteopath Clémence Lagier is due to arrive in a few days, the much-hoped-for doctors have not yet appeared.

To compensate for the lack of city doctors in Ondaine, Le Corbusier hospital opened a day medical center, this same December 4. From Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., everyone (there is no pediatric consultation) can go to the emergency room of the hospital where they will be referred by a nurse. The objective is also to relieve congestion in emergencies while allowing private doctors who will provide consultations to benefit from the technical platform if necessary.

Thousands of works are visible thanks to the digital museum and the Micro-Folie.  Photo DR

In Roche-la-Molière, 3,000 works in a digital museum

We can zoom in, it allows us to see the details, to see that the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

Discovering some 3,000 works spread across a hundred French and international museums is now possible by entering the Opsis cultural center in Roche-la-Molière. Last November, the City inaugurated its brand new Micro-Folie system within a digital museum. “It’s a way of bringing art and culture in all its forms with the aim of reaching all Rouchons,” underlines Hugo Mosnier, cultural mediator.

Free and accessible to all, this new service offers two types of visits, free or thematic, using tablets, virtual reality headsets, audio headsets, etc. “It’s extraordinary to enter artistic worlds, to take the time to discover a work, to be able to go into detail.” Exhibitions and various workshops are offered throughout the year.

“Our desire is to democratize street clothing, with influences from hip-hop, rap, cinema,” announced the cousins, Bruno and Francesco, just a year ago, by creating their clothing line under the acronym “Francenzo.”

Their objective has not changed: combine streetwear style with elegance. And, their small e-commerce business seems to be established over time, with at least four collections per year. “We have since changed supplier. Our desire is to offer very good quality clothing, in organic cotton, explain the two cousins. Even if we pay a little more, we still have attractive prices. People from Loire don’t necessarily have 100s and 1,000s to wear in a tracksuit. We’re not a hit yet, we’re not making a living yet, but we have a solid base of customers. We still hope to see our sales soar.”

Orders amounting to between 15 and 20 pieces per month: “Nothing exceptional, but we are making progress. We now have three ready-to-wear boutiques which display our collections” report the chambonnaires.

Outfits to discover on: www.francenzo.com

The Chazeau commercial area has now welcomed the Intermarché brand since October 16.  Photo Carole Bouard

In Firminy, the Chazeau commercial area revitalized

For several years now, the Chazeau commercial area had been losing momentum, as had the main Géant Casino brand. Since last spring and the arrival of the Action store, customers believe that “the area has become revitalized”. It must be said that the hard discount product brand has been eagerly awaited in Ondaine for several years. Announced as the Prairies zone at first, it was not unanimously accepted by neighboring merchants and the city center…

But, it is above all the establishment of Intermarché which has changed the situation last October. The Mousquetaires bought the historic Géant Casino which had launched the commercial area when it was established in 1982. The transition period between the two brands was relatively short, since in two weeks the signage had to be changed and the shelves modified. , new products installed, etc. so that everything is ready on October 16. With more than 2,000 checkouts on the first day of opening, manager Philippe Raby had a smile.

It’s a new brand that appeared in the world of creative hobbies at the beginning of summer. A new name, but still the same company: Sodertex, based in La Ricamarie.

More cheerful and childish sounds which aim to get rid of an overly industrial label. And, the company targets mass distribution shelves, because for the two directors, Célia Chapuis and Agathe Devoluy, it was necessary to reposition themselves on the market: “We were in the shadows, because they were only sold in schools. Now that we have been adopted and validated by students and teachers, we want to target parents and all people who do manual activities at home.

Loolipo also focuses on its values, those of inclusiveness and has set up a partnership with APF France Handicap and those of equality and diversity. Another essential part of the company is the environmental aspect in order to reduce the volume of packaging, reuse it, extend the lifespan of products and finally recycle them.

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