OL. Juninho, a Covid with lasting effects

OL.  Juninho, a Covid with lasting effects

It’s not because we talk about it less that Covid is no longer there. And he does not choose his targets Thus, the former Brazilian midfielder from the prosperous years of OL and short-lived sporting director of the club, Juninho indicated this Wednesday that he had also been infected by the virus. And he still feels the effects.

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I caught covid for the first time at the end of September. Low fever for 2 days, symptoms in the nose, throat, digestive system and a lot of lack of energy,” he wrote on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

He even specifies: “No shortness of breath, but after more than 1 month, certain symptoms still reappear.” However, he does not mention having long-term Covid, a particularly disabling form of the disease in the long term and still poorly understood.

Socially engaged in his country, Juni takes the opportunity to recall the beneficial effects of vaccination: “The complete vaccine helped me, according to the doctors. To get vaccinated!!! »

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