Oise: with the return of Covid, 300,000 masks distributed in nursing homes

Oise: with the return of Covid, 300,000 masks distributed in nursing homes

It was announced since its appearance a little over three years ago, Covid was going to join the cohort of seasonal diseases. As winter arrives, in addition to the flu or gastroenteritis, there is the return of Covid. Oise, which was the first department affected in Franceis not spared and several cases have been reported.

“A fortnight-three weeks ago, we had a few affected patients,” confirms Christine Louchet, director of the Bertinot-Juel hospital in Chaumont-en-Vexin. They are now cured and our 86 residents hospitalized in long-term care units (USLD) are all doing well. But the staff has still put the masks back on since then. »

Faced with this threat, the Oise departmental council has decided to support establishments welcoming the elderly. All departmental elected officials have begun to carry out a vast distribution of masks in all nursing homes (accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people) and USLDs in Oise.

“These masks are the precautionary principle”

In total, there will be, to be exact, 295,416 masks which have been or will be offered to the 6,800 residents of these different establishments. “The end of the year always includes moments of conviviality, reunions of family or friends which are conducive to contagiousness,” recalls Florent Jendrzejewski, head of SOS Médecins-Beauvais. It is absolutely necessary to maintain barrier gestures. We were able to observe stability of Covid in December but we have noted an increase in cases in recent days. »

For the practitioner, the distribution of masks is “a very good initiative. » “These masks are the precautionary principle,” he emphasizes. We go to visit our elders, we want to hug them, we laugh together and if we are contagious, we become very dangerous for our loved ones. »

The trauma of Nursing homes prohibited from visiting remains in fact still present among residents. “We should receive our quota of masks next week,” announces Christine Louchet. We still have a little stock and as the situation is calm here, there is no emergency, nor any special measures linked to Covid for our residents. But I know it’s happening right now. Moreover, the hospitals of Beauvais and Clermont are once again requiring masks for staff but also for visits. »

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