“My health space”: the digital notebook adopted by eleven million people

“My health space”: the digital notebook adopted by eleven million people

It is set to become a centerpiece of the French healthcare system. Some 11 million people, or 15.6% of the population, use “My Health Space”, the digital health record, according to figures published Monday by the digital health delegation (DNS). “Every week, 300,000 people log in to use My Health Space, to consult it or to upload documents,” says Hela Ghariani, who co-leads this delegation.

“My Health Space” allows socially insured people to keep all their health documents in the same place: biological analysis results, hospitalization or consultation report, prescription, etc. It should facilitate patient care, by allowing health professionals can go back more easily in examination and treatment histories. Each social insured person has a “My Health Space” in their name, automatically populated unless they object.

“Clear progress”

Today, 20 million health documents are sent every month to these digital spaces. Many biological analysis laboratories and hospitals already automatically send their patients’ health documents to their digital health records. But the numerous software programs used by private doctors to provide prescriptions or consultation reports for their patients’ Health Spaces still need to be updated.

“Today, 51,700 private doctors or health homes or health centers are equipped” with software compatible with Mon Espace Santé, declares Hela Ghariani, who points to “a clear progression at the end of last year” in number of documents paid by city medicine. “It still has to move forward.” The application allowing access to one’s Health Space via smartphone has been downloaded 2.5 million times, according to the DNS.

According to a 2024 barometer on French people and digital health published Monday by the DNS, 90% of French people have already used at least one digital health tool or service (appointment making, teleconsultation, Insurance teleservices illness or mutual insurance, connected objects, etc.). According to this barometer, carried out online in November by Harris Interactive, with a representative sample of 2,000 people, 82% of French people say they know My Health Space.

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