Msd CrowdCaring: 80 projects for a life without barriers

Msd CrowdCaring: 80 projects for a life without barriers

Reaching out to those who, for various reasons and often beyond their control, are in disadvantaged conditions. This is the objective of the MSD CrowdCaring initiative, created precisely to support innovative projects aimed at improving people’s health and quality of life without disability, illness or other forms of unfavorable conditions being a limit. A concrete example of how to help those in need. Thanks to the over 820,000 euros raised from 2018 to today, MSD co-financing of 350,000 euros and more than 5,700 supporters, it has been possible to carry out 80 projects throughout the national territory.

A holiday for mothers-caregivers

Among the projects supported, one dedicated to mothers, figures who often take on the role of family caregiver in the event of illness. But the burden that falls on them can be exhausting and sometimes they could use a break. The project of the Italian Red Cross of Perugia is dedicated to them to offer mothers of children with disabilities a moment of relaxation while their children attend job placement courses.

‘Hug bike’ and a radio to feel less alone

The ASD Franco Ballerini Cycling School of Bari has, however, created the ‘Let’s give a hug’ project which consists of providing special ‘hug bikes’ to children with disabilities and autism to allow them to experience the happiness of cycling supported and embraced by loved ones in complete safety. ‘W ONDE R – When the radio goes wow!’ is intended for young people from a working-class neighborhood in Rome. The project, promoted by the Pontedcontro Social Promotion Association, intends to support the young inhabitants of Laurentino 38, a popular neighborhood in Rome, by building together a path of growth and training through an expressive, versatile and dynamic medium such as the radio.

A question of social responsibility

These are just three examples of the 80 projects supported thanks to the MSD CrowdCaring initiative that the company has announced it will continue in line with its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility for which it provides 3 billion dollars every year. “It is an initiative that sees in its foundations two key factors, as well as two pillars of the social, economic and cultural development of the country, namely sustainability and innovation”, declared Nicoletta Luppi, president and administrator of MSD Italia. “Realizing – not just imagining – a better, fairer, healthier future means rethinking the way we operate, create value and collaborate. Only by acting responsibly and in a synergistic and integrated manner will we be able to make a difference in people’s lives,” she concluded.

Funding that starts from the bottom

Msd CrowdCaring is ‘hosted’ by Eppela, the main Italian crowdfunding platform which, with a bottom-up financing system, allows you to create different types of fundraising, from solidarity campaigns to the creation of products or events. “We are proud to support MSD Italia on this path, where innovation is intertwined with inclusion and diversity is not a limit, but a driver of growth and improvement. Through the Eppela platform, bottom-up financing becomes a catalyst for those projects that aim to transform society, promoting gender equality, intergenerational support and breaking down the barriers imposed by disability and illness”, states Nicola Lencioni, President Unique Eppela.

How co-financing works

The selected projects are published on Eppela’s Msd CrowdCaring page which allows you to share your ideas on the web, find interested people and gather the support you need to be successful. The selected projects that achieve the bottom-up financing objectives access co-financing from MSD Italia in the role of Mentor for a maximum of €5,000 and according to the methods included in the Regulation. The objective is to contribute to the financing and implementation of the best projects relating in particular to: the elimination of barriers and limits caused by disability, illness or diversity; to the creation of an inter-generational network, promoting the elimination of the generation gap; to initiatives that promote gender equality, the development of inclusive work environments, the creation/development of mutual support networks for women.

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