Move around to keep your weight in good shape – Health Home – Northern Network

Move around to keep your weight in good shape – Health Home – Northern Network

April 2024 is the 36th Patriotic Health Month. The National Patriotic Health Office launched activities with the theme of “Healthy Towns, Healthy Weight”. The content of the activity emphasizes taking “healthy weight” management as an opportunity to innovate and promote the construction of healthy cities; focusing on “healthy weight” science popularization to improve people’s health literacy level; using “healthy weight” practice as a starting point to promote the construction of healthy cells. As an important indicator for objectively evaluating human nutrition and health status, weight is related to the entire life cycle and should be paid great attention to.

In recent years, my country’s material living standards have greatly improved, the obesity rate has also continued to rise, and there is a significant trend of obesity becoming younger. The “Obesity Nutrition Guidelines for Adults, Children and Adolescents (2024 Edition)” points out that the obesity rate among residents over 18 years old in my country is 16.4%, the obesity rate among children under 6 years old is 3.6%, and the obesity rate among children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old is 7.9%. Obesity, as a disease, is a risk factor for inducing a variety of chronic diseases. Childhood obesity not only affects health, but may also affect the entire life cycle. Therefore, it is our unshirkable responsibility to care for children and adolescents and maintain a healthy weight from childhood.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been concerned about the healthy growth of children and adolescents, and attaches great importance to the issue of “fat little ones”. During an inspection at Beijing Yuying School, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, “Now that living conditions are better, children do not need to eat fat, but they need to grow strong and train well.” Children and adolescents are the future and hope of the nation, and their health is related to the happiness of every family and the development of the motherland. Strong youth and strong youth include not only good ideological and moral character, excellent academic performance, innovative ability, and strong practical ability, but also physical health and physical strength. It is the common aspiration of the people to help children and adolescents maintain a healthy weight and promote the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and art.

To shape the “body”, we must first shape the “mind” and establish a healthy concept. “Treat the disease before it’s too late” is the ideological essence of my country’s traditional Chinese medicine culture, and the implementation of “prevention first” is the basic policy of building a healthy China. To help children and adolescents maintain a healthy weight, we must first change their concepts, insist on prevention first, and correct their mentality. First, we must firmly establish the concept of the first person responsible for health. A study by the World Health Organization shows that an individual’s health is affected by many factors, but 60% depends on oneself. Schools and parents should seize the critical period of growth of children and adolescents, help them correctly understand life and themselves, establish the awareness of “own health, manage yourself”, guide them to develop good personal living habits, and be responsible for their own health. Second, we must correctly understand weight and learn to self-evaluate. Schools and parents should pay attention to enhancing children and adolescents’ awareness of weight, and guide them to understand obesity assessment indicators, possible risks caused by obesity, and measures to prevent obesity from a scientific perspective. It is advocated to conduct dynamic self-assessment in the form of process records, so as to Reduce the incidence of obesity at the preventive level. Third, we must protect mental health and overcome obesity shame. Prevention is the key, and obesity is not a problem. Children and adolescents are at a special stage of psychological development and are more susceptible to other people’s comments and external thoughts. Obesity often causes children to develop an inferiority complex and endangers their mental health. Schools and parents should promote positive concepts, help children correct their mentality, overcome obesity shame, and encourage them to understand themselves correctly and take correct actions from a developmental perspective.

Shaping the “body” and grasping the “shape” requires creating a healthy atmosphere. To help teenagers achieve a healthy weight, it is necessary to mobilize all aspects of society, build consensus among the people, and create a “big health” environment. Party committees and governments at all levels should attach great importance to the cause of universal health, advocate the whole society to pay attention to health issues, and implement universal health management. Taking “healthy weight” as the starting point, we call for national exercise, actively organize a series of national fitness activities, use new media and other means to launch online check-ins and online challenges, “expose” the positive atmosphere of healthy exercise, and promote children and adolescents to take the concept of sports health into their eyes and brains. Into the heart. At the same time, the power of the media needs to be mobilized to shape a consensus on healthy aesthetics. The media should disseminate the concept of “healthy weight” in forms that children and adolescents like to see, such as animation elements and animation IP; use an objective and fair attitude to eliminate the public’s stereotypes and discrimination against obesity; use mainstream values ​​to guide the public to create a “health-oriented” concept. “Basic” aesthetic concept, beware of children and adolescents falling into abnormal aesthetic misunderstandings of weight management.

Shaping “body” should be seen in “action”, and we must promote healthy practices. To help children and adolescents maintain a healthy weight, we must transform health concept awareness into multi-dimensional practice. Schools should take this opportunity to promote “healthy weight” as the main line, and actively organize diverse activities such as health knowledge competitions, health lectures, physical health competitions, and sports meetings, so that children and adolescents can learn, move, and run, and comprehensively promote health improvement. “Healthy weight” not only relies on exercise, but also solves the fundamental problem from diet. Parents should pay attention to the fact that children and adolescents should not consume too much energy in addition to the nutrients necessary to maintain growth and development; they should consciously learn scientific diets to ensure that their children have a diversified diet, with regular and quantitative meals and less oil and less salt. Sugar to ensure nutritional balance. School cafeterias should scientifically prepare meals based on nutritious recipes and reasonably mix dishes so that children can eat safely and healthily.

“If you want to civilize your spirit, you must first barbarize your body.” We must care for and care for children and adolescents through multiple approaches including personal concepts, cultural atmosphere, practical measures, etc., so as to achieve a healthy weight, let the concept of health be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, help build a healthy China, and promote a healthy civilization in the new era.

(Authors: Guo Xiaoyu and Wang Yusha are respectively researchers at the Chongqing Research Center for Theoretical Systems of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Chongqing Medical University Branch, and master students at the School of Marxism, Chongqing Medical University)

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