More and more medicines available in community pharmacies

More and more medicines available in community pharmacies

By the end of the month, the handbook of PHT drugs will be updated, i.e. medicines for management and therapeutic continuity between the hospital (H) and the territory (T), and some of these can be purchased in community pharmacies instead than in hospital ones. The objective of the law, in fact, is to evaluate which therapies can currently be removed from the list of DD (Direct Distribution) or DPC (Distribution on behalf) drugs and instead inserted into the DC (Conventioned Distribution) channel.

From the hospital to the territory

“We welcome with satisfaction the change in the distribution of PHT drugs as established by article 44 of the 2024 finance law: chronic patients will increasingly be able to go to pharmacies near their home and no longer to hospital ones to receive some therapies” – he said yesterday Roberto Messina, President of Senior Italia FederAnziani, during the conference organized by the Ministry of Health, which saw the presence of Minister Schillaci and Undersecretary Gemmato – This will allow millions of patients and caregivers to save time and money, above all for those who live in some rural areas, far from hospitals”.

The request, Messina recalls, had been made for years by numerous patient associations. It is estimated that one in three Italians is affected by a chronic disease, such as COPD, diabetes or atrial fibrillation. And many of these people are elderly. “We thank the Ministry – he concludes – for its willingness to discuss which drugs should be included”.

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