[Mental Health]Seek medical attention immediately if you slap your skirt with your hands or have sexual deviation that has nothing to do with your sexual desire.

[Mental Health]Seek medical attention immediately if you slap your skirt with your hands or have sexual deviation that has nothing to do with your sexual desire.

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News reports often show perverts exposing their bodies or masturbating in public, engaging in groping, skirt-slapping and other behaviors, which can all be classified as sexual fetishes or sexual deviations.

Experts point out that sexual deviation is not necessarily related to sexual desire. It may be anxiety, stress or problems in interpersonal relationships, which is pathological, but the person concerned may not take the initiative to seek help.

If you want to help them, you need to understand the reasons behind the deviant behavior, and the support and understanding of family members is particularly important.

Psychiatrist Huang Zongxian

Li Mingying, Education Manager, Hong Kong Family Planning Association

(Hong Kong News) From the perspective of sexual health, everyone has the right to pursue sexual satisfaction, as long as it does not infringe on others. Li Mingying, education manager of the Hong Kong Family Planning Guidance Association, pointed out that public exposure, masturbation, slapping hands, and upskirting are not allowed by society because the behavior itself infringes on others, constitutes sexual violence, and violates criminal laws.

Characterized by repetitive and intense sexual arousal

Determining whether a behavior is a disease or not depends on the frequency and repetition of the behavior, as well as the ability to control oneself. Dr. Huang Zongxian, a specialist in psychiatry, quoted from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), which defines paraphilic disorder as “a strong, intense pattern of behavior that lasts for at least 6 months or more.” Sexual interest does not constitute a negative influence, such as performing similar behaviors without the consent of the other party, causing harm to others and affecting the public and personal life.”

According to the American Psychiatric Association, paraphilia is a mental disorder characterized by recurrent and intense sexual arousal, manifested in fantasies, urges, or behaviors, lasting at least 6 months and involving (1) non-human objects, (2) ) causes distress or humiliation to oneself or a partner, or (3) to a child or other person without consent. Common examples include exposure, fetishism, friction, pedophilia, voyeurism, etc.

Deviant behavior continues—Sexual deviation is a mental disorder characterized by repeated and intense sexual arousal, manifested in fantasies, impulses or behaviors, lasting for at least 6 months. Common examples include pedophilia.

The client will not actively seek assistance

The spectrum of sexual deviant behavior is broad, and the causes behind it are also complex. Li Mingying said that excluding intellectual and social disabilities, it may be due to a lack of understanding of social norms, mental problems, mental abnormalities in the brain, lack of self-control, etc.; there are also people who simply seek stimulation, or find a way out of anxiety and stress, which may not necessarily be the case. Related to sexual needs.

She also does not rule out the possibility that a small group of people, who have been influenced by pornographic media for a long time, have lost touch with reality and distorted illegal behaviors in the mistaken belief that they will be popular. “Under the influence, the world of pornographic media is put into real life, thinking that similar behavior will not be condemned, or that the other party’s lack of resistance is allowing such behavior to occur.”

“Sexual deviation is not caused by a single cause.

“For example, voyeurism is caused by being violated as a child,

Abuse, plus drug abuse, addiction, and hypersexuality.

Huang Zongxian said that the assessment will look at whether there are “comorbid symptoms”, that is, different causes appearing at the same time.

Therefore, it is not necessary to deal with a single problem, but to deal with all problems in order to provide comprehensive assistance. “

Generally speaking, parties will not actively seek help from doctors and professionals unless they have a strong motive. Huang Zongxian pointed out that it is mainly discovered by family members and partners, which affects the relationship; or they are arrested for committing crimes and require treatment.

“These all prompt the clients to seek treatment, and most of the people seeking help are men.”

Huang Zongxian said that doctors will first understand the background of the person seeking help to see if it meets the symptoms defined by the classification of mental illness, and then look at how to provide help overall. Treatment can be divided into individual therapy and group therapy. Individual therapy often adopts cognitive behavioral methods. The client is first guided to review what factors triggered the behavior and what thoughts he had at the time. By analyzing the reasons and feelings, the client can understand the disadvantages of the behavior, and then teach them to adjust the behavior and use other methods to satisfy their sexual desire.

He pointed out that some people like to achieve pleasure through certain behaviors, and we may not be able to change their preferences. However, through cognitive behavioral therapy, we can link behaviors with bad consequences to help patients stop undesirable behaviors from happening again.

Family support helps patients face difficulties

In addition to individual therapy, there are also group therapy, marriage or family therapy. He said some of the reasons were related to marriage or partnership. “For example, if you are not satisfied with your sexual life, you should receive relationship therapy and find a normal and legal way to satisfy your sexual desire to prevent harm to others.”

Individual and group therapy is psychotherapy-oriented, but when the problem persists, medication may be considered, “such as adjusting hormonal medications to reduce sexual desire.” However, he said that if drugs have side effects, psychotherapy will usually be given first, and medication will only be considered when the effect is not satisfactory or the patient requests it.

If you find that your family or people around you have sexual deviation, Huang Zongxian reminded that you should not criticize harshly, but should adopt a supportive attitude to help them face difficulties; Li Mingying emphasized that family and friends should be aware of sexual deviation, so sex education is very important. important. The Family Planning Association puts sex education materials on its website (www.famplan.org.hk) and also provides sex therapy services. It mainly assists couples with uncoordinated sexual life, providing guidance on sexual life and helping couples communicate.

Infringe upon others——From a sexual health perspective, everyone has the right to pursue sexual satisfaction, as long as they do not infringe on others. Behaviors such as exposing one’s body or masturbating in public, showing off one’s hands, or slapping up skirts, etc., constitute sexual violence and violate criminal laws.

There is no data to support sex addiction

Is a sexual deviation patient’s uncontrollable behavior causing harm to himself or others a sex addiction?

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) promotes sexual health through sex education, sex counseling, and sex therapy.

Drug and alcohol abuse is considered addiction

Dr. Huang Zongxian of the Department of Psychiatry pointed out that the association has once put forward a position on sex addiction, saying, “There is not enough data to support that sexual deviation is a sex addiction. AASECT’s position on sexual deviation is not regarded as an addiction like drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Instead, it is defined according to the classification guidelines of psychiatric diseases, regarded as a disease, and treated in various aspects.”

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