Men can also do pilates – Breaking health news – Sözcü

Men can also do pilates – Breaking health news – Sözcü

Exercise Specialist Ecem Akgül stated that in our society, pilates is seen as an exercise system only for women and said, “There are even sayings such as ‘men do not do pilates’. “However, the benefits of this exercise are independent of gender,” he said.

Men can do pilates too

Men are prejudiced against pilates, one of the most popular exercises of recent years. They consider this method as an exercise specific to women only. However, pointing out that this is a very wrong idea, Exercise Specialist Ecem Akgül explained the effects of pilates on the body as follows:

Ecem Akgul

It is not an exercise only for women.

Pilates is an exercise that is socially deemed inappropriate for male identity and the patriarchal system. This exercise is an easy and gentle exercise system for many people today, more for women than for men. However, Pilates was developed by a man named Joseph H. Pilates. It has been a method of exercise for elite male and female athletes for more than 50 years. Remarkably, men are figures who have been pilates instructors and founders throughout history.

It is a healthy living method

Although men have always been an important part of the history of pilates, for several years there has been an impression that the pilates method is for women due to the intense interest of female participants. While on the one hand it was a positive development, on the other hand it had an unfortunate impact. Fortunately, this problem seems to be solved quickly recently when human beings make decisions by researching with a conscious approach. Pilates is a healthy lifestyle method that is rapidly becoming widespread around the world, and men definitely need to benefit from the benefits of this exercise.

It is the easiest way to make a “six pack”

Although flexibility is related to genetic structure, it varies with age. Movements that babies can do very easily cannot be done with the same ease by an adult. As age progresses and sedentary life continues, the ability to perform some movements decreases rapidly. According to research, flexibility in women has been found to be higher than in men due to physiological parameters. Therefore, when you look at the essence of the matter, men should definitely include the Pilates exercise method in their lives, physiologically as well as many psychological and sociological factors. The biggest goal of Pilates is whole body integrity. It especially targets the muscles in the central area of ​​our body, which we call the core area, and the deepest muscles in this region. In fact, the easiest way to build “six packs” (abdominal muscles), which all men want, is pilates. Of course, with a disciplined nutrition program…

These benefits should not be ignored

I have experienced that men who have been doing bodybuilding for years have difficulty in most of the movements when they attend pilates classes. Muscles that are excessively large in size and have lost their flexibility cause discomfort to the body and also cause postural instability. Pilates strengthens the muscles surrounding the spine, allowing you to stand more upright, relieves the burden placed on the shoulders by the stress of daily life, improves balance, rebalances the muscles and enables the body to work more efficiently. In short, the benefits of Pilates are gender-neutral and are for everyone. It makes the person one step more ready for life. Men generally focus on increasing their muscles in size, but they move away from what they really need to think about, that is, body integrity. At this point, pilates is the most suitable exercise for those who do not want to have a perfect body, become stronger and look like a croissant.

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