Meinian Health Group Tianjin Branch Meinian Health…

Meinian Health Group Tianjin Branch Meinian Health…

Stimulate consumption vitality and protect consumption safety. As an old brand that has been deeply involved in the Tianjin market for fifteen years, Tianjin Meinian Health, a brand of the Tianjin Branch of Meinian Health Group, has always focused on the strategic policy of “medical orientation, quality drive, service support, and innovation leadership” and strives to strengthen medical care with customers as the center. To improve service quality, clarify medical quality standards, adhere to the red line of medical quality, build a quality control system, and focus on discipline construction to continuously improve the customer experience throughout the journey, allowing customers to experience professional and warm physical examination services, thereby enhancing the Meinian brand Influence and medical credibility win the trust and recognition of more consumers. This time, Tianjin Meinian Health won the honorary title of “Tianjin Consumer Trusted Brand” in the 2024 (14th) Harmonious Tianjin·Integrity Survey. This is the ninth consecutive year that Tianjin Meinian Health has won this honor in this series of activities. This honor not only represents the long-term recognition and affirmation of consumers, but also encourages Meinian Health Group Tianjin Branch to contribute more Meinian efforts to protect the lives and health of Chinese people on the prevention side!

Doctors are kind-hearted and strive for perfection. Medical quality management has always been the foundation and focus of Tianjin Meinian Health, and quality first is the unremitting pursuit of Meinian brand credibility. Over the past 15 years, Tianjin Meinian Health has adhered to the principle of quality-driven, always adhered to the original intention of medical care, strengthened quality, strict management, and established brands, striving to provide customers with higher quality and higher standard medical services. Listening to the true opinions and suggestions of every customer is an important basis for Tianjin Meinian Health to continue to improve customer satisfaction; constantly meeting the individual needs of consumers is the internal driving force for the development and progress of Tianjin Meinian Health; insisting on customer-oriented As the center, providing professional and warm products and services is the unchanging service concept of Tianjin Meinian Health.

While continuously improving the level of medical services, Meinian Health Group Tianjin Branch is also committed to expanding and deepening its commitment to social responsibility and charity, actively participating in public welfare undertakings, and practicing corporate social responsibility. For seven consecutive years, it has cooperated with the Tianjin Association of the Physically Disabled to carry out public welfare activities with the theme of “Love Without Borders and Helping the Disabled”, providing free health examination services to hundreds of disabled people every year, and helping the disabled to understand their own health conditions in an all-round way. At the same time, it has cooperated with the Tianjin Social Assistance Foundation for two consecutive years to donate 600 Meinian apartments worth 246,000 yuan to marginalized households, lonely old people, orphans and low-income groups in the city who have difficulty living due to illness or emergencies. The health examination card aims to build a solid line of health defense for the vast number of people in need through effective and targeted assistance.

Integrity and dedication are the basis, customer value is the first priority, we are proud of hard work and enterprising, and integrity and fairness are the key principles. Tianjin Meinian Health will further improve service quality, broaden service content, improve customer satisfaction, continue to fulfill the corporate mission of “protecting the lives and health of Chinese people” with high-quality health management services, and strive to create a new situation for high-quality corporate development. .

In the future, Tianjin Meinian Health will consciously serve the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to “promote the construction of a healthy China and put the protection of people’s health in a strategic position of priority development”, continue to iterate and upgrade digital operations, and create a comprehensive system that runs through pre-inspection, inspection, and The post-inspection full-cycle digital health management system gives full play to the resource advantages and industry benchmarking role of a medical institution to provide customers with professional, warm, personalized, all-round, and full-life cycle health management services.

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