Medical deserts: in Auvergne, the corkscrew capital appears on LinkedIn to recruit its doctor

Medical deserts: in Auvergne, the corkscrew capital appears on LinkedIn to recruit its doctor


This is a very atypical CV which was just published on Facebook and on LinkedIn, the social network reserved for professional exchanges. As an ID photo, a photo of a body of water. In terms of skills, as is often the case, the “candidate” presents many qualities: “14-hectare lake, 4-star campsite and holiday villages, equipped beach, nautical base, swimming pool, restaurants, pétanque, football, tennis courts, spa, mountain bike circuits » etc.

“Some people put large signs at the entrance to their town to attract the attention of a doctor, we decided to stand out to maximize our chances,” comments Frédéric Chonier, the mayor of Saint-Rémy-sur- Durolle, in Puy-de-Dôme. Because behind this pleasant CV hides a much more problematic subject, that of medical deserts. The corkscrew capital, very close to Thiers, has been looking for a second doctor for several weeks to expand its already “very complete” medical team.

A privileged natural environment

“We need another GP to meet the needs of the population. With my municipal team, we looked for an idea to get people talking about us, because we have many assets,” confirms the councilor. Located in a privileged natural environment, the village of 1800 inhabitants is in fact a small green setting in the heart of the Livradois-Forez regional natural park.

“Our city, located at an optimal distance from Clermont-Ferrand, Vichy, Roanne, Saint-Étienne and Lyon, offers easy access to leading medical centers, thus guaranteeing excellent continuity of care and rewarding professional opportunities for health professionals wishing to establish themselves with us,” insists Frédéric Chonier.

The municipal team even says it is ready to welcome a young apprentice doctor at the end of their course for whom they could pay for their studies. “Everything is already ready to welcome him: office, waiting room and equipment are provided,” guarantees the mayor of Saint-Rémy-sur-Durolle who wants to believe in this job dating 4.0.


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