Measles, infections and deaths on the rise in the world due to the decline in vaccinations. And in Italy? – WWN

Measles, infections and deaths on the rise in the world due to the decline in vaccinations.  And in Italy? – WWN

Of Maria Giovanna Faiella

In 2022, globally, according to the US WHO and CDC report, 9 million people will be infected and 136,000 deaths from measles. Vaccination coverage also decreasing in Italy, below the 95% safety threshold recommended by the WHO

Millions of children all over the world have not been vaccinated against measles during the COVID-19 pandemic; accordingly, between 2021 and 2022 the cases estimated of this highly contagious and vaccination-preventable infectious disease, are increased by 18 percent (from approximately 7 million 800 thousand to more than 9 million) and grew by 43 percent i deaths from measles (from 95 thousand to 136 thousand). A recent one highlights this report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CCD). Yet, the Report underlines, it is estimated that, thanks to vaccinations, in the period 2000-2022 they were 57 million measles deaths avoided worldwide.

Far from the recommended safety threshold

According to the WHO and CCD report, measles vaccination coverage levels were recorded in 2021 lowest since 2008.
In 2022, vaccinations increased around the world but without reaching the levels of 2019, before the pandemic, remaining far from the target (for the two doses) by 95 percentwhich is the safety threshold recommended by the World Health Organization to guarantee theimmunity

“of herd” in the population, that is to protect indirectly even those
who, for health reasons, cannot be vaccinated.
In any case, around 2022 22 million children all over the world they did not receive any doses of measles vaccine, leaving much of the population susceptible to infection and outbreaks. Last year only 36 out of 194 countries exceeded 2019 coverage levels.

And in Italy?

What is the situation in our country? In 2022 in Italy the cmeasles vaccination coverage was equal to 92 percent of the population for the first dose and to the86 percent for the second dose, declining by 1 percent and 3 percent respectively compared to 2018, according to the Annual report on measles compiled by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the European Union agency responsible for the surveillance of infectious diseases in Europe.
That due to the pandemic they are lower in our country also the other mandatory and recommended vaccinations in childhood, offered for free by the National Health Service to protect children and adolescents from infectious diseasesthis was also highlighted Report by the GIMBE Foundation «Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vaccination coverage in pediatric age», which analyzed the data published by the Ministry of Health. For many vaccines it was not achievedin all Regions, L
to cover recommended by the World Health Organization. According to Gimbe’s analysis, in 2021 only Lazio achieved, however all mandatory vaccinationsthe target of 95 percent.

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