Male cancers: in November, Toulouse sports clubs support the Gentlemen’s Challenge

Male cancers: in November, Toulouse sports clubs support the Gentlemen’s Challenge

“With Pink October, we talk a lot about female cancers but it is essential to raise awareness among men about prostate cancers or testicles, but also those of the colon, the third most common cancer in men. » To do this, Marie-Ange Léophonte, director of the Haute-Garonne Committee of the National League Against Cancer is counting on the Gentlemen’s Challenge in November.

This prevention campaign targets men in particular to raise awareness of certain cancers which may affect them more. Throughout the month of November, the sponsor of the operation, ex-rugby player Vincent Clercand six Toulouse sports clubs will mobilize to inform the male public.

“This is an opportunity to communicate about preventative actions, such as HPV vaccination against papillomavirus human, in boys aged 11 to 14, explains Marie-Ange Léophonte. This vaccine is currently reimbursed at 65% by Health Insurance and 35% by most mutual insurance companies. This also explains the self-palpation of the testicles from puberty and the organized screening for colon cancer from the age of 50.”

In addition to communication on social networks to relay advice on diet and physical activity, recognized as preventative of cancers, the Stade Toulouse, the Toulouse Football Club, the Fenix ​​Toulouse Handball, the Spacer’s Toulouse Volley-Ball, the Toulouse Olympique XIII and Toulouse Métropole Basket are committed to supporting the cause through matches dedicated to the Gentlemen’s Challenge.

The operation is also accompanied by a donation campaign to develop supportive care, such as adapted physical activity and sophrology, already offered by the association, but exclusively dedicated to male patients.

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