[Love Wants Sex Series 350]Take good care of yourself and wear the right bra during pregnancy and lactation…

[Love Wants Sex Series 350]Take good care of yourself and wear the right bra during pregnancy and lactation…


Transcript◆Liang Yingxiu

(Kuala Lumpur News) Many women will suddenly feel that their breasts become particularly sensitive and painful in the early stages of pregnancy, and then they find out that they are pregnant. This is due to hormonal surges and changes in breast structure. This feeling will continue until the baby is born, but most of the pain will gradually disappear by the second trimester.

Breast enlargement to 1.5 times before pregnancy

Consultant Breast Surgeon Dr. Chen Yifei pointed out that in addition to noticing pain, breasts can also enlarge rapidly or gradually. Medically speaking, the total breast size from pregnancy to lactation is about 1.5 times that before pregnancy, so at this time, pregnant women can no longer wear ordinary bras; usually around 12 weeks, expectant mothers will begin to feel the tightness of their bras. , so, a maternity bra should be worn to ensure comfort throughout the pregnancy.

“And they need to be remeasured every few months because breast size changes, so expectant mothers may need several different bra sizes as the baby and breasts grow.”

“Beginning in the 15th week of pregnancy, new cells that secrete milk become active. Some may start to secrete milk as early as 22 weeks. However, the milk at this time cannot be seen by our naked eyes because it will be re-entered by the body. absorption, and pregnancy hormones in the body also prevent large amounts of breast milk from being accumulated or lost.”

She pointed out that in addition, pregnant women will also notice that their nipples and areolas also begin to change, not only becoming larger but also darker.

“Another change is that pregnant women will find small raised pimples around the areola.

This is medically called Glands of Montgomery.

It becomes more obvious that this amazing gland, which produces a moisturizing oil,

Helps mothers fight pain and infection while breastfeeding.

Scientists believe that this oil smells like amniotic fluid.

Helps guide newborns to find their nipples after birth.

Therefore, expectant mothers do not need to use soap or detergent to wash off these natural oils.

Just pat dry with warm water and you’re done. “

What should we do if a small number of people have inverted nipples? Because this may cause problems with breastfeeding in the future, when you are about 23 weeks or more of pregnancy, you can try to use a nipple corrector as a small tool to correct the nipples as much as possible; in fact, after the child is born, the nipples protrude, making the baby difficult to suck during the sucking process. Medium and smooth.

Stretch marks on breasts, itching and pain

She pointed out that some pregnant women may have very itchy breasts and stretch marks during pregnancy. At this time, some mild moisturizing cream can be used to relieve the itching or pain. As for stretch marks, which are usually genetic or skin problems, sometimes there is no way to completely prevent them, but the stretch marks will fade and become less noticeable over time.

How will the breasts change during the third trimester of pregnancy? She noted that during the last three months of pregnancy, the breasts can become particularly heavy or painful. Therefore, you will feel more comfortable if you wear a bra suitable for sleeping before going to bed; and when exercising, it is best to wear a supportive sports bra to avoid breast pain and ligament damage.

“At this time, the expectant mother must prepare a bra suitable for breastfeeding, because the breasts will be two cups larger than during breastfeeding and the size will also increase. Therefore, it is more convenient to choose an appropriate size and a front-button bra that can be unfastened with one hand. Feed the baby.”

She said that after giving birth, the mother will find that milk has appeared, which means that the milk has been brewing in the breast before the baby is born. Generally, early milk is very thick and sticky. 2 to 4 days after the baby is born, the mother will find that milk has been secreted and the breasts will feel fuller and firmer; this is not only because more milk is secreted, but also because there are more lymph glands around the breasts and the blood circulation is higher than usual. accelerate.

“After such a change, the level of pregnancy hormones gradually decreases after the baby is born. At this time, prolactin begins to work. At first, many mothers may be very uncomfortable with the swelling and feel very painful, but this situation usually takes a few days. It will disappear after a while; therefore, I advise mothers to continue breastfeeding.”

Breasts become smaller after 6 months of feeding

She said that after breastfeeding for about three months, you will find that the milk gradually begins to decrease, but this does not mean that there will be no milk. If the mother still breastfeeds completely and the baby grows well, In fact, milk is enough. “

After about 6 months of breastfeeding, the breasts will begin to feel smaller. This does not actually lead to a decrease in milk, but because the breasts have lost some fat tissue at this time, so they will look smaller.

When the baby is about 15 months old, the breasts may become as large as they were during pregnancy.

Only the shape will change.

If the mother continues to breastfeed at this time,

You can still secrete approximately 100 to 300 ml of milk every day.

When you finally stop breastfeeding your child,

Breast changes caused by breastfeeding will be reversed,

In other words, after complete weaning,

Breasts will return to their pre-pregnancy size over the next 3 to 6 months.

Sports massage to reduce breastmilk naturally

5 tips to maintain breast shape

One of the breastfeeding issues that many mothers worry about most is how to keep their breasts from sagging?

Because everyone seems to say that after breastfeeding, the breasts will become flatter and never go back to their previous state.

Chen Yifei pointed out that there are actually several tips that can help mothers maintain a beautiful breast shape.

Pay attention to correct breastfeeding posture

First/put on a bra that fits. This is what she has always emphasized, from pregnancy to lactation, she must insist on wearing a bra to maintain her breast shape!

Many times, breastfeeding mothers may feel busy or troublesome, so it is more convenient to wear a small vest or no underwear at all. However, mothers should think about it. If they do not wear suitable bra support, they will gain weight after childbirth and their breasts will shrink. It is easy to sag, so it is strongly recommended to wear a suitable bra.

Second/pay attention to correct breastfeeding posture. Mothers may be very busy and tired after giving birth, so they may not pay attention to the correct posture when breastfeeding. In particular, remember to alternate breasts every time you breastfeed, and each time should not exceed 20 minutes, and the interval between breastfeeding should be Be regular and even so that your breasts can be maintained in good condition.

Third/Do chest strengthening exercises. You can watch some instructional videos, especially about breast beautification and chest exercises, to strengthen the muscle groups near the chest to make the breasts firmer and firmer. This can also prevent sagging caused by breastfeeding babies pulling on the nipples. If you take 5 to 10 minutes every day to perform breast enhancement exercises that strengthen the muscles around the chest, it will help maintain your breast shape.

Massage increases breast milk supply

Fourth/chest massage. Proper massage can promote local blood circulation and increase the supply of breast milk, which is helpful for the secretion of estrogen. Therefore, when bathing, you can alternately spray hot and cold water on the breasts, which not only promotes blood circulation in the breasts, but also improves the skin tension of the chest. , less prone to wrinkles and helps maintain breasts.

The last step is to withdraw breast milk. If possible, try to use natural methods to withdraw breast milk, so that there will be time for the chest and abdominal tissues to slowly repair. If the breast milk withdrawal is too fast, it is easy to cause rapid atrophy and sagging of the chest and abdominal tissues.


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