Lot: how the photo of a man with Charcot disease and his pregnant wife created a buzz

Lot: how the photo of a man with Charcot disease and his pregnant wife created a buzz

“I didn’t expect so many reactions at all, this photo was not planned but I wanted to share this very special photo session, with so much love,” confides Morgane Hamoneau. This photographer from Gramat (Lot), specializing in maternity and birth photos, is creating a buzz on Facebook after publishing on December 12 the photo of Alisson, a young woman seven months pregnant, and Mickaël, her companion suffering from Charcot’s disease. An emotional moment that has been liked nearly 475,000 times on the social network.

On December 12, Alisson, a resident of Gramat, showed up alone at the photographer’s studio for a session she had scheduled. “She was very smiling and wanted a souvenir of this moment in her life so I quickly asked her why her companion was absent,” says Morgane Hamoneau. She spontaneously tells me that he is in a wheelchair because he has Charcot’s disease and that the studio was not accessible to him. She then explains this illness to me, that he is on a respirator and communicates with his eyes: this upset me. »

” It was magical “

At the end of the session, the photographer, touched by Alisson’s joie de vivre, offered to go to her house to take photos of the couple. Intimidated by Mickaël’s illness, she took a series of around twenty photos, lasting two to three minutes.

“I asked Alisson to climb on Mickaël’s lap, he winked at me to put me at ease but I was moved to see how she understood him with a simple word,” admits photographer. They held hands and looked at Alisson’s stomach, it was magical. »A few hours later, she shared the photo on the social network which went wild. Touched by the couple’s story, she offered them the photos.

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