Loire. Caroline Le Flour talks about her cancer with “humor and authenticity”

Loire.  Caroline Le Flour talks about her cancer with “humor and authenticity”

Since 2018, Caroline Le Flour estimates that she has performed her show around 200 times but, for the moment, never in Saint-Étienne. A breach which will be resolved, Saturday February 10, with the comedian’s appearance at the auditorium of the city of design, at the invitation of ELLyE (Leukemia Lymphoma Espoir Ensemble).

Those who will be in the audience of this free event will be able to make a donation on site to the association, but also discover the special story of Caroline Le Flour. Always passionate about writing, this former marketing project manager learned that she has cancer when she is 32 years old.

“What you wrote is a spectacle!” »

Throughout the difficult process she has to face, she admits to being in “incredible and extraordinary situations”. She constantly notes “what hurts and what feels good” without necessarily having a specific goal, other than “a passion for writing.” With a therapeutic dimension,” explains Caroline Le Flour.

The notes then end up “in a drawer”. “I then had virtuous encounters who told me “what you wrote is a spectacle!” I was then able to delve back into these notes to restructure and stage these humorous sketches. Immersing myself in these writings also had a therapeutic aspect and is part of my resilience journey. »

“This show is also the power of laughing together”

So it comes out The Bat smiles, a one-hour show about his experience, but which is aimed at everyone. “It is a great pride to see that all types of people enjoy my shows, whether they are directly concerned by these themes or not. »

Because this show also allows Caroline Le Flour to fulfill missions that are close to her heart, namely raising awareness of the issue of illness. “This show is also the power of laughing together, it allows us to take a step back, some distance. Sometimes we also hand the microphone to the spectators to discuss these subjects after the performance,” rejoices the woman who is also a psychopractitioner.

Practical information

The Bat smiles February 10 at 8 p.m. the City of Design. Free show, in partnership with the City and the University Hospital. The evening is organized at the initiative of the ELLyE association (together leukemia lymphoma hope), bringing together patients with cancer of the lymphatic system and their loved ones, donations can be made on site.

Reservation required on site www.journees-ellye.fr (meetings tab). A time for discussion is planned at the end of the show, as well as book signings by the artist for his various works written about his experience.

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