Loire-Atlantique: autopsy of schoolboy who died after a fall confirms head trauma

Loire-Atlantique: autopsy of schoolboy who died after a fall confirms head trauma

The circumstances of his fall are gradually becoming clearer. The autopsy of a 5th grade student from Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique), died after a fall at his schoolconfirmed this Tuesday that “craniocerebral trauma after a fall on the back of the head” was responsible for the teenager’s death, reports France Blue Loire Ocean. This student had “fell unwell within 15 minutes” following a vaccination against papillomavirusa sexually transmitted infectionOctober 19.

“A short time later, the child said he did not feel well. He is placed on a chair and according to the first hearings, he falls heavily,” detailed the Nantes public prosecutor Renaud Gaudeul this Tuesday, quoted by the radio. A preliminary investigation for manslaughter aimed at “clarifying the conditions of care of the child before, during and after the act of vaccination” was opened.

A further investigation into the origin of the discomfort

According to Renaud Gaudel, the results of the autopsy carried out this Monday in Angers (Maine) according to West France, are therefore “compatible with the first elements described by the people present” at the scene of the events. “There will be additional investigations concerning the origin of the discomfort,” continued the Nantes public prosecutor cited by Ouest-France.

This Monday, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) assured in a press release that “this type of discomfort [pouvait] occur due to stress caused by vaccination, but [était] unrelated to the vaccine product or to a quality defect in the vaccine.” “Vagal discomfort is the first risk in any vaccination,” Minister of Health Aurélien Rousseau said this Tuesday on RTL, speaking of “fear of the needle”.

The vaccination campaign against papillomavirus – which began at the beginning of October in colleges in certain regions – was suspended on the eve of the school holidays in Loire-Atlantique after this accident. It will resume on November 6, the start of the school year.

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