Loire-Atlantique: a schoolboy dies from head trauma after feeling unwell in his establishment

Loire-Atlantique: a schoolboy dies from head trauma after feeling unwell in his establishment

It’s a tragic death. A 5th grade student, attending Saint-Dominique college in Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique), died following serious head trauma, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) announced this Monday in a press release. According to the ARS, this student “fell unwell within 15 minutes” following a vaccination against papillomavirusa sexually transmitted infection. According to France Blue Loire Ocean, the student, sitting on a chair, then falls. It was this fall that caused the head trauma, according to the ARS.

“This type of discomfort can occur due to stress caused by vaccination, but is unrelated to the vaccine product or to a quality defect in the vaccine,” assures the ARS. According to France Bleu, the schoolboy volunteered to receive the papillomavirus vaccine. Following his discomfort, he was taken to the Nantes University Hospital where he died, a week after the accident. “His condition deteriorated over the following days in relation to the severity of the head trauma,” confirms the ARS.

Opening an investigation

In this same press release, the ARS “would like to send its most sincere condolences to his family” and shares “the sorrow of the teams of his school and his comrades”. At the same time, she announced the opening of an “administrative investigation”, “as for any serious adverse event linked to care”. This aims to “establish the conditions for carrying out vaccination and its medical supervision in the establishment, as well as the conditions for the medical care of the child”.

Following the schoolboy’s accident, the vaccination campaign was suspended in Loire-Atlantique on Friday October 20, the eve of the school holidays. It will resume at the start of the school year on November 6, specifies AFP.

The vaccination campaign against papillomavirus in colleges has started at the beginning of October in certain French regions. The State wants to achieve 80% vaccination for this age group by 2030. In France, HPV – the English acronym for “human papillomavirus” – causes more than 6,000 new cases of cancer per year.

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