“It’s AIDS”: dancer Chris Marques says he was victim of medical prejudice

“It’s AIDS”: dancer Chris Marques says he was victim of medical prejudice

He is known for his participation as a juror on the TF 1 show “Dancing with the Stars”. But it is not to speak foxtrot, cha-cha-cha or tango that the Latin dance specialist appears this Wednesday evening on television. The dancer Chris Marques45, will confide on France 2 to Olivier Delacroix for a program devoted to diagnostic errors and medical violence.

The host was especially the subject of prejudice from the medical profession, he confides in the third season of “Dans les Yeux d’Olivier”, broadcast from 10:55 p.m. this Wednesday evening. At 19, Chris Marques suffers from chronic fatigue and is constantly ill.

“You are a dancer therefore you are homosexual”

Initially, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, a form of cancer of the lymphatic system. But the doctor changes his mind. After various examinations, the same doctor returns with a new hypothesis which remains “engraved in the head” of the young man.

The caregiver is interested in the professional situation of Chris Marques, a “high-level dancer”, asks him “two or three questions” then diagnoses, implacably, without carrying out any analysis: “I think I know what you have, it’s is AIDS,” he tells Olivier Delacroix. Stupor of the young dancer. The France 2 host translates: “In the doctor’s mind, you are a dancer therefore you are homosexual. »

“This is the first time I’ve been scared.”

“I’m angry,” continues Chris Marques, recounting his terror at finally understanding that perhaps all the ailments from which he has suffered for several years are linked to one and the same illness: “This is the first time that I have fear and consider that maybe I only have one overall illness that keeps coming back. »

After these two erroneous diagnoses and a medical wandering, Chris Marques changes doctors and later learns that he actually suffers from fibromyalgia which causes its victims intense joint pain throughout the body associated with great fatigue and sleep disorders.

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