Italy for the first time in the top ten researchers: cited in 115

Italy for the first time in the top ten researchers: cited in 115

With 115 researchers, Italy enters the top ten of Clarivate for the first time, the ranking of the most cited scholars in the world. In general, around 7 thousand researchers joined the ranking in 2023 and, among the sectors in which they are active, clinical research in medicine is in first place, with 477 researchers, followed by Biology (282) and Chemistry ( 254). Bringing up the rear is space research (75), preceded by Economics (86) and IT (96).

67 countries were considered

There are 67 countries considered in the ranking, which is based mainly on the academic documentation of researchers, but there are just 10 countries in which 83.8% of the most cited scholars work and the United States continues to have the highest concentration, with 2,669, equal to 37.5%. However, there is a progressive decline compared to previous years, from 43.3% in 2018 to 38.3% in 2022. China continues to maintain second position, with 1,275 researchers (17.9%), a constant increase from 7 .9% in 2018 to 16.2% in 2022. The United Kingdom also maintains third place, with 574 researchers equal to 8.1%. Followed by Germany (336), Australia (321), Canada (218), the Netherlands (195), France (139), Hong Kong (120) and Italy (115). The latter two replaced Switzerland (103) and Singapore (109).

The first is the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Among the institutions in which the most cited researchers are concentrated, the first is the Chinese Academy of Sciences (270), followed by the American universities of Harvard (237) and Stanford (126). The ranking of the 115 Italian researchers (only 17 women) sees the most cited concentrated in the University of Milan and the University of Trento (both with 7 researchers) and those of Turin and the Vita e Salute University of San Raffaele in Milan, each with 6 researchers.

Only 17 women out of 115

For the University of Milan, the immunologist Spinello Antinori, the pharmacologist Alberico Catapano, the oncologists Giuseppe Curigliano and Salvatore Siena, the epidemiologist Carlo La Vecchia, the infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli, and the anatomopathologist Giuseppe Viale are cited. For the University of Trento, the biologist Francesco Asnicar, the geologist Lorenzo Bruzzone, the oncologist Francesca Demichelis, the biochemist Edoardo Pasolli, Nicola Segata (who appears twice, cited for Biology and Microbiology) and the computational biologist Adrian are cited Roof

The most well-known researchers are also in the ranking

Also cited in the ranking are Giuseppe Remuzzi of the Mario Negri Institute, the immunologist Matteo Bassetti of the University of Genoa, the epidemiologist Massimo Ciccozzi of the Bio Medico Campus of Rome, the Neuroscience expert Maurizio Corbetta of the University of Padua, Franco Locatelli of the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome, Alberto Zangrillo of the Vita e Salute-San Raffaele University.

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