Is it safe to eat grilled sausages for 3 yuan on the roadside?

Is it safe to eat grilled sausages for 3 yuan on the roadside?

According to the China Central Radio and Television Station’s Economic Voice “Global New Financial News”, grilled sausage is a street snack that many people are keen on. Recently, “Is there meat in the 3 yuan grilled sausage on the roadside?” has become a hot search topic. Many people think that since it is grilled sausage, there must be a lot of meat in it; some people think that the grilled sausage that costs 3 yuan a piece is almost pure starch.

In Haidian District, Beijing, sausages are sold at the checkout counters of many convenience stores and small supermarkets. Generally, the sausages are placed in a special sausage grilling machine and roasted in preparation for sale, and the price is a uniform 3 yuan. money.

The owner of a small supermarket said that grilled sausages costing 3 yuan are usually purchased from the wholesale market, and the purchasing price is about 2 yuan per piece. The shop owner said: “If you open a small shop, you must buy it from the wholesale market. It is impossible to buy it from the supermarket. The price of buying it from the supermarket is higher. The purchase price of a grilled sausage is about 2 yuan.”

The owner of another sesame cake shop said that the sausages in the store are usually ordered online and delivered by the supplier, and the purchase price is only about 1 yuan each.

According to my country’s national standards for ham sausage, the main raw material of ham sausage is meat, which is a meat product. Starch is added to ham sausage mainly because the combination of starch, meat and moisture will give the ham sausage better water retention and taste. According to the amount of starch contained, ham is divided into three grades – special grade, superior grade and ordinary grade. The lower the starch content, the higher the grade, the better the taste, and the higher the price.

The reporter visited medium-sized and large supermarkets in Beijing and found that the hams sold in supermarkets currently come from regular manufacturers, and the outer packaging of the hams has an ingredient list and starch content marked on it. The starch content of ordinary grade ham sausage is less than 10%, the starch content of premium grade is less than 8%, and the starch content of special grade is less than 6%. There are also some starch-free products with a starch content of less than 1%.

From a price point of view, a regular-grade ham sausage with the highest starch content in the supermarket costs nearly 3 yuan, while the purchasing cost of a 3-yuan grilled sausage on the roadside is only 1 to 2 yuan. In the absence of outer packaging, judging from the cost price and taste alone, it really makes people wonder whether there is really meat in the grilled sausage priced at 3 yuan? Zhu Danpeng, a Chinese food industry analyst, said: “First, the meat content in it is very little. It is basically starch plus some edible gelatin. It looks more elastic and feels like meat. Second, the manufacturer will add a small amount duck meat, because duck meat is the cheapest among poultry meats. The third, more unscrupulous product may have nothing in it, only some delicious flavors added.”

In recent years, many consumers have labeled ham sausage as “full of additives”, “junk food” and “no nutrition”. Zhu Danpeng believes that as people’s quality of life continues to improve, the ham sausage market is in urgent need of innovation and upgrading to match the changing consumer trends in the future. Zhu Danpeng said: “Currently, no company dares to stand up and make a brand new ham sausage, because the entire ham sausage market is shrinking and the price war is very fierce, so no one dares to take this step.”

For consumers, how should they choose ham? Can I buy grilled sausage for 3 yuan on the roadside? Zhu Danpeng said: “When consumers choose ham sausage, they must first choose a big brand that has food safety guarantees. Moreover, the state’s supervision of very large enterprises, especially meat enterprises, is relatively sound and strict. Secondly, it is not recommended to eat Too much ham sausage, because nitrite has a certain impact on the human body, but this effect must reach a certain dose. It is unscientific to talk about cancer without the dose. The 3 yuan grilled sausage from a roadside stall is not recommended for consumers. , because its food safety is not guaranteed, and once there is a food safety hazard, it will be more troublesome to obtain evidence.”

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