Is it possible to have multiple vaccinations at once?

Is it possible to have multiple vaccinations at once?

I intend to undergo the administration of various vaccines, such as for Dengue fever, Covid, ACWY anti-meningococcal. Are there contraindications to receiving different vaccines? How much time must pass between one and the other.

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Dear reader,

the co-administration of vaccines, which means administering multiple vaccines in different anatomical locations on the same occasion, is an option that is not only possible but recommended, in all cases where it is not specified otherwise in the vaccine technical data sheets. I therefore advise you to ask your family doctor or your local vaccination center for clarification, specifying all the types of vaccinations you intend to carry out. They will tell you how to do it, evaluating the possible presence of contraindications associated with the specific vaccinations you request.

*Giovanni Gabutti is full professor at the University of Ferrara and coordinator of the ‘Vaccines and Vaccination Policies’ group of SItI, the Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

The information provided is intended for informational purposes only: it does not represent medical advice in any way and cannot replace diagnoses or treatment indications recommended by your doctor or a specialist.

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