Initiatives dedicated to the brain at Mario Negri in Milan

Initiatives dedicated to the brain at Mario Negri in Milan

OfAnna Fregonara

On the occasion of “Brain Awareness Week”, the global campaign dedicated to the brain, two days dedicated to meetings, visits and insights with the public

The brain represents just 2 percent of an adult’s body weight. It is an organ of a thousand wonders, at work day and night, to which this year too, on the occasion of the “Brain Awareness Week”, the global campaign dedicated to the brain, the Mario Negri Institute of Milan, in Via Mario Negri 2, opens its doors to the public with «Explore your brain», two days dedicated to meetings, visits and insights.

The short film

The exclusive preview of the short film «When it rains in Baden Baden» will be screened on Monday 18 March, at 6.30 pm. Signed by director Alessandro Soetje, it is set in a retirement home during Covid-19, when social distancing is the first rule. While an inspection is underway to ensure safety, Georg (Massimo Foschi), an elegant and light-hearted guest of foreign origin apparently oblivious to any health precautions, uses all his talents to win the heart of the new patient Alida (Elisabetta De Palo) . The two stories will inevitably end up intersecting, but nothing is as it seems. The screening will be followed by a moment of discussion and debate with the director and Gianluigi Forloni, head of the Neuroscience Department.

The initiatives

Saturday 23 March is the time for a big open day. In the morning, high school students will be involved, in small groups, in a series of practical laboratory activities led by researchers from the Department of Neuroscience and Acute Brain and Cardiovascular Damage. From 2.00 pm to 6.30 pm, however, adults and children will be able to access the Institute to visit the Neuro Exhibition and attend various events. At 2.30pm and 4.15pm Forloni and Elisa Zanier, head of the Department of Acute Brain Damage and Cardiovascular Damage, will introduce «Neuro performance», a succession of performances and moments of in-depth analysis on the mind-body connection involving students from the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, the Pavlova Ballet School and the Brera Academy. From 3.15pm to 6.30pm it will be possible to participate in the Neuro Tour (guided tour starts every 15 minutes), a trip to the Neuroscience laboratories accompanied by researchers. At the end of the event, at 5.00 pm, Professor Silvio Garattini, president of the Mario Negri Institute, will be the protagonist of the meeting entitled “Prevention is revolution”. Because taking care of our brain is the best way to safeguard it.

Entrance is free, but the organizers suggest registering at the link:

March 12, 2024


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