Important decision for cancer medicine not paid by SGK

Important decision for cancer medicine not paid by SGK

Özkan Özcan, a skin cancer patient in Izmir, filed a lawsuit to cover the smart drug called ‘Optivo’, which is required for his treatment but is not within the scope of payment by SGK. According to the decision, SGK will pay for the smart medicine ‘precautionary’.

Özkan Özcan, who lives in İzmir’s Çiğli district, applied to the hospital when he became ill in May.

Aegean UniversityDuring the checks carried out in Özkan Özcan, skin cancer was detected. The doctor prescribed Özcan to use the smart drug called ‘Optivo’.

When the price of each cure of the medicine, which needed to be administered for 24 cures, was 44 thousand TL, Özkan, Social Security Institution (SGKHe could not take this medicine, which was not covered by the.

In order to access the medicine that is important for his treatment, Özcan brought the issue to the Izmir 12th Labor Court through his lawyer Senem Demirel Acar.

While the case was being heard, the court announced its interim decision. It was ruled that the cost of the drug to be used in the treatment of the plaintiff during the treatment deemed appropriate by the doctor will be covered by the SSI as a precaution, without any deduction, to be collected from the person responsible in the future when necessary.

Stating that the interim decision made him happy, Özkan Özcan said, “I got skin cancer. I started using medication. 44 thousand lira each cure. There are 24 cures. I couldn’t afford it. We took the matter to court. Now I started taking the medicine for free. “I want to get my medicine free of charge at the end of the case,” he said.

Özkan Özcan and Senem Demirel Acar


Özkan Özcan’s lawyer, Senem Demirel Acar, said: “When my client could not receive the medicine, we filed a lawsuit against SSI at the Izmir 12th Labor Court. We stated that it was vital for Özkan to use this medicine. We stated that in order to defend the right to life, this medicine should be given as a precaution not at the end of the trial, but also during the trial. Because Özkan’s disease is progressing day by day. There is a life-threatening risk every day that he cannot take the medicine. The court ruled that this medicine be given to Özkan as a precaution. The decision made both Özkan and us happy. Özkan will take 24 cycles in total. We hope that Özkan will receive his medicine completely free of charge at the end of the trial. This will be hope for all cancer patients. All cancer patients should be provided with free access to this medicine. “It is a very important and precedent decision,” he said. (DHA)

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