If you love hot pot, please pay attention to these 5 bad habits to change.

If you love hot pot, please pay attention to these 5 bad habits to change.

Winter is the best time to eat hot pot. Gathering up a few friends and chatting around the pot, it can keep you warm and fill your stomach. It is really a beautiful thing in the cold weather.

Many people have summarized the “delicious secrets” of eating hot pot, such as: eating red oil hot pot is spicy and enjoyable enough; boiling tripe in hot pot requires “seven ups and downs”, so that the boiled tripe tastes the most tender; Hot pot should be served while it is hot, and the meat slices should be taken out of the pot before eating; be sure to drink some delicious hot pot soup to complete the meal; hot pot and beer are good partners…

As everyone knows, these practices may be harmful to your health.

Just order the bottom of the pot with red oil?heat too high

Red oil hotpot is a pot with a layer of spicy oil floating on the surface. For people with heavy tastes and those who don’t like spicy food, red oil pot is simply their favorite.

The calories of the red oil hot pot are higher than those of the clear soup pot. Comparing the nutritional content of the bottom of the red oil hot pot and the bottom of the clear soup hot pot, we can see that the calories of the red oil hot pot are almost twice that of the clear soup pot.

People who often eat hot pot will find that the water in red oil hot pot boils very quickly. If you order the mandarin duck pot, the red oil half is usually boiled first. This is because the layer of grease attached to it has a good insulation effect, so the water will heat up faster.

Correct approach: For those who often eat hot pot and have strong taste, it is recommended to choose Yuanyang hot pot. Eating the two hot pots together can help control calorie intake and reduce the risk of obesity.

Does eating hairy tripe make you feel nervous?Maybe it’s not cooked enough

Many people have heard the saying that eating tripe requires “seven ups and downs”, which means holding the tripe with chopsticks and scalding it up and down in the hot pot soup a few times. But is this approach really reliable?

If the tripe is cooked for too long, the meat will become old and hard, making it difficult to bite. This “seven ups and eight downs” method seems to take a short time and the meat tastes fresh and tender, but it is worth paying attention to. Because from a health and hygiene perspective, it is generally best to control the time for rinsing hairy tripe to 3 to 5 minutes, not too long. But it can’t be too short. If the time is too short, the tripe will not be cooked thoroughly, and if the heating is not sufficient, parasites or bacteria may remain on the tripe.

Diarrhea often occurs after eating hot pot. Eating undercooked tripe is likely to cause diarrhea, parasitic infection and other problems, and it is also prone to gastrointestinal diseases.

Correct approach: Boil the water in the pot and rinse the tripe for 3 to 5 minutes.

Eating too quickly?prone to intestinal disease

Some people think that to eat hot pot, you should eat it hot, and you can take it out and eat it immediately when it is cooked. Others think that you can take it out and eat it without waiting for the meat slices to be cooked.

In fact, you must not be in a hurry when eating hot pot. If you eat too hastily and put the freshly fished meat slices into your mouth, you may burn the esophagus due to the high temperature of the food, damage the esophageal mucosa, and increase the risk of esophageal cancer. And meat slices should not be taken out and eaten before they are cooked, as this may also cause intestinal diseases.

The correct way to do it: Cook the meat slices thoroughly before taking them out. Place the food on a clean plate, let it dry for a while, and then enjoy it after dipping it in the toppings.

Love hot pot soup?Concentrated juice is unhealthy

Hot pot soup is delicious, but the fat, purine, nitrite, oxalic acid, water-soluble pesticide residues, etc. in the ingredients will melt into the soup. Therefore, broth and hot pot soup are high-fat and high-purine foods, and are not recommended for normal people, weight loss people, or gout patients.

Studies have shown that the increase in nitrates in hot pot soup may also be related to the migration of nitrates in vegetables and other foods and the concentration of the soup.

China’s “Dietary Guidelines for Patients with Hyperuricemia and Gout” also mentions that patients with gout should avoid eating animal offal such as liver and kidneys, and should also eat less shellfish, oysters, lobsters and other shelled seafood and thick broth and Gravy etc.

Correct approach: Try to avoid eating hot pot soup.

Eating hot pot and drinking wine?Beware of gout

When having hot pot at a winter party, you usually have to drink some wine, but hot pot with beer is one of the common causes of gout attacks.

Beer is closely related to gout. The purine content of beer is 5-10g/100ml. Although it does not appear to be high, it contains high guanylic acid. Metabolism in the body will produce a large amount of purine, which will lead to an increase in blood uric acid concentration.

A study on the relationship between drinking and gout shows that beer increases the risk of gout attacks more significantly, while moderate amounts of red wine do not increase the risk of gout attacks.

Correct approach: Eat hot pot without drinking alcohol. If you must drink, you can choose red wine, but it must be limited.

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