If you do these things, you won’t be “shocked” when you wake up from the stings, and you won’t be “sensitive” when you return in spring.

If you do these things, you won’t be “shocked” when you wake up from the stings, and you won’t be “sensitive” when you return in spring.

The Waking of Insects has passed, and the liver yang of the human body has further increased, making it easy to suffer from internal heat, colds, allergies, irritability, headaches, insomnia, and even blood pressure fluctuations. Peking Union Medical College Hospital’s traditional Chinese medicine doctors offer tips to help you adapt to nature and achieve “peace” in mind and body, so that you won’t be “shocked” when you are awakened by insects, and you won’t be “sensitive” when spring returns.

Awakening of Insects is not “surprising”

During the Waking of Insects season, the liver yang of the human body rises. The liver belongs to wood. In daily life, you need to comply with the stretchability of liver wood, so that the body can wake up slowly. In the morning, stretch your waist, drink a cup of warm water or light green tea, so that you will not be surprised when things happen, and your five internal organs will have peaceful qi and blood. We need to keep ourselves as relaxed and peaceful as possible.

Give yourself some comfort

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that “all diseases arise from Qi”. Under the pressure of today’s fast-paced life, maintaining a stable mentality is an important factor for physical and mental health. During the Waking of Insects, liver qi is relatively strong and people have bad emotions or are excited and irritable. Try to regulate your breathing to “stabilize” yourself.

In addition, you can massage the Qimen point on the chest (in the chest, when the nipple is straight down, the 6th intercostal space, 4 inches away from the front midline) to smoothen the liver qi; stretch the upper limbs, and do massage on both sides of the head and the back of the neck. Massage also helps to detangle the Qi. On a daily basis, you can choose acupuncture points on the limbs that have the effect of calming the liver and regulating qi for massage, which is easy to operate.

Have a cup of tea to “soothe your nerves”

Eating fresh fruits and green vegetables can help soothe the liver and relieve depression, such as celery, chrysanthemum, radish, water chestnuts, kumquats, etc. Remember to avoid spicy hot pot, smoked and roasted mutton and other spicy foods when you are angry or have symptoms such as oral ulcers or stye, otherwise it may cause nosebleeds and bloody stools.

Many patients with diseases such as hypertension, hyperthyroidism, thyroid and breast nodules often suffer from sore throat and foreign body sensation in the throat. Based on the syndrome differentiation of the liver meridian, they belong to liver qi stagnation and fire exuberance. You might as well get rid of the misunderstanding of treating pharyngitis and try tea drinks with mint, tangerine peel, uncaria and chrysanthemum (6g each) to regulate qi, clear away heat and resolve phlegm. It is suitable for “suppressing the liver and clearing the liver” during the period of awakening of insects to relieve the above discomfort.

Gua Sha removes fire and helps you sleep

People who sit for a long time in the office, are sulky or impatient, after busy work, they can use their thumbs or scrapers to massage the Ligou point on the liver meridian (located on the inside of the human calf, 5 inches above the tip of the medial malleolus, on the inner side of the tibia). central). Ligou point has the effects of soothing the liver, promoting qi, dissipating stagnation and clearing away heat. It is suitable for people who feel soreness and swelling when rubbing. Each group should be 20-30 times, two groups a day. Continuous massage can help relieve emotions, remove fire and promote sleep. It is especially suitable for those suffering from high blood pressure and multiple nodular lesions in the body.

Spring returns are not “sensitive”

At this time of year, natural vegetation sprouts and flowers sprout. It should be a joyful time to enjoy the flowers and enjoy the spring. However, various pollen, tree hairs, etc. are floating in the air, which can easily cause allergic reactions and make people feel frightened. Many people often suffer from “snot and tears”, and some friends may also develop “pink eyes”, “red makeup” on their skin, or in severe cases, coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, etc.

Exercise more to improve your health

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that allergic diseases in spring are closely related to insufficient righteousness, the feeling of “wind evil”, wind-heat in the liver meridian, etc. The principle of health care is based on “the righteousness is stored in the body, and the evil cannot be eliminated”. Spring belongs to the wood and dominates wind. The characteristics of spring allergies such as runny nose, sneezing, and urticaria correspond to the characteristics of liver and wind evil. During the period of the Waking of Insects, strengthening the body, dispelling wind, and regulating the liver can help relieve allergies.

In addition to routine prevention and anti-allergy treatment, people with allergies are advised to improve their health, work regularly, and ensure sleep; prepare masks, eye masks, etc. for protection; and do appropriate outdoor aerobic exercise to enhance their ability to protect themselves.

Those who are thin and afraid of wind, and who sneeze and have stuffy nose when they catch a slight cold, have been diagnosed as Qi deficiency syndrome by professional Chinese medicine. They can take advantage of the spring of the year to “tonify the lungs and strengthen the surface” to replenish Qi; choose three kinds of medicine and food: astragalus, fangfeng, and jujube. Source, you can make soup (10g each of medicinal materials, simmer for 30 minutes) or make tea (6g each), which can help improve righteousness and resist “spring breeze allergy” in people with physical weakness.

Drink the ebony rose drink

People with allergies, chest tightness, dry mouth, anxiety and insomnia can drink ebony rose drink, which is fragrant, sweet and sour, and helps regulate liver qi. Modern pharmacological research shows that ebony extract can inhibit the degranulation reaction of mast cells, reduce histamine release, etc., and can play an anti-allergic effect when combined with traditional Chinese medicine; roses enter the liver and spleen meridian, can promote qi and relieve depression; red eyes For those with itching, you can add 3g-5g of chrysanthemum or mulberry leaves and drink it together. Text/Liu Wei (Peking Union Medical College Hospital)

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