“I lost two kilos in the month”

“I lost two kilos in the month”

They will toast with a glass of water. This January, many French people are challenging themselves not to drink a drop of alcohol for a month. A Dry January auspicious, because according to Public health Francemore than one French person in five (23.7%) exceeds the recommended alcohol consumption limits (maximum ten drinks per week and two drinks per day, and days during the week without consumption).

” It is very easy to do “

Guillaume, 26 years old from Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) did Dry January twice and gained real benefits from it on a physical level: “Better sleep, more concentration, the feeling of being in better shape. Which is very pleasant in the middle of winter. I also drank less in the following months,” he says.

Nathalie, 56, from Fessenheim-le-Bas (Bas-Rhin) is also convinced by the experience, since she is going to start her third Dry January: “It’s very easy to do, especially after days of excess where ultimately we don’t feel good. I found better sleep and lost 2 kg in the month,” she says with satisfaction.

“My blood pressure had returned to a completely normal value”

For his part, Michel, 84, from Grasse, enjoyed Dry January so much… that he never stopped it. “Three months later my blood pressure had returned to a completely normal value and I no longer had problems driving a car after an alcoholic meal… After two years abstinence I think I will continue. Non-alcoholic beer has improved considerably! »

Another gain for abstainers in January: savings. “As a “festive” consumer, my wallet has been rewarded. The opportunity to regain purchasing power after the holidays! », rejoices Guillaume.

“I lasted two or three weeks”

However, it’s not easy not to succumb to temptation: “After the first 15 days, the urge to give in may be felt more. But it is important to continue going out normally so as not to add frustration to frustration,” suggests Guillaume, who also recommends taking on the challenge in pairs to give each other courage. Régis, 46, from Wintzfelden, also had to hold on to keep from breaking down: “There were two or three complicated moments when I was invited. I did it, but I’m not sure I want to repeat the experience,” he confides.

Michel, 59, from Schirmeck (Bas-Rhin) did not manage to go all the way: “I lasted two or three weeks and I had reduced consumption for the rest of the month.” But, even if the challenge was not fully met, he still gained something positive from it: “It made me aware of my consumption and that it could be controlled. »

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