I had polio as a child, should I consider myself at risk for Covid?

I had polio as a child, should I consider myself at risk for Covid?

I am a 65 year old lady, and as a child I was affected by the polio virus… now I don’t know if I should consider myself a fragile person, however now I have had 4 doses of the anti Covid vaccine I wanted to know if it is necessary to have the 5th dose.

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Dear Mrs,

in your case, the anti Covid 19 vaccination is indicated primarily by age. In fact, this year too, the anti-Covid 19 vaccination is recommended for all citizens over 60 years of age, regardless of other risk factors since the disease has a more severe course in older patients. Furthermore, if the polio contracted in childhood has left neurological and/or muscular effects, this would definitely be one more reason to get vaccinated this year as soon as possible.

*Alessandro Rossi, president of SIMG, responded for the Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Care (SIMG); Maria Angela Elefante, general practitioner SIMG Bari and Giulia Ciancarella, general practitioner SIMG Rome

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