I am planning to become pregnant, is there a ‘single’ vaccine for rubella?

I am planning to become pregnant, is there a ‘single’ vaccine for rubella?

“In view of becoming pregnant, I would like to get the rubella vaccine. Can I get the trivalent vaccine even if I already had both measles and parotid as a child? Or is there a single vaccine for rubella?”

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It is very good to think about getting vaccinated in the preconception period, which is the only opportunity to avoid the risk of contracting rubella during pregnancy. The guideline, in fact, underlines that vaccination of women susceptible to rubella in the preconceptional period remains the most effective preventive strategy for mother-to-child transmission currently available. Unfortunately there is no monovalent vaccine, but the lady can have the trivalent vaccine even if she has already contracted measles and mumps. Vaccination (both tri- and tetra-valent) can also be carried out in case of doubt about the subject’s immune status against the other diseases considered, without resorting to serological tests.

*Serena Donati is Director of the Women’s Health and Developmental Age Department of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

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