Humanitas, theater workshops to overcome taboos and prejudices on women’s health – WWN

Humanitas, theater workshops to overcome taboos and prejudices on women’s health – WWN

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At the Humanitas San Pio

«Women’s health goes on stage», this is the name of the innovative project which aims to exploit the power of theatrical art and its language to promote women’s health, raising awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles. The objective is to combine the narrative force of theater with the testimonies, fears and questions of women who, during two free theater workshops at the «Humanitas per lei» center, will find themselves discussing two great events that concern the female body: the menopause and the pregnancy. The most interesting ideas that emerged during the workshops, conducted by theater director Silvia Galleranowill be featured in the show «Unveil yourself» on stage at the Teatro Carcano in Milan from 8 to 11 February 2024.

The theater workshops

We start with two free appointments but with limited places (lReservation is mandatory on the site
Humanitas) at the center «Humanitas for her» of the Humanitas San Pio X hospital in Milan (via F. Nava 31). The first appointment will be Saturday 28 October and will be dedicated to
menopause (and premenopause), an important passage in every woman’s life, often associated with the idea of ​​subtraction, loss of femininity, sexuality, energy. It will be an opportunity to discuss, express your fears, but also try to find solutions to acquire new skills and find a new balance and a new quality of life. During the workshop, through dialogue, movement and acting, all the changes that menopause brings will be “staged”, from weight gain or loss to the appearance of the first wrinkles up to a new sexuality to get to know them and face them with peace of mind also thanks to the clinical advice of specialists. The workshop in collaboration with the Carcano Theater takes place with Silvia Gallerano, playwright and director of the theater show Svelarsi and with the specialists from the Humanitas Center for her.

The second laboratory is instead planned
Saturday 18 November
always at the center «Humanitas for her» of the Humanitas San Pio mothers and future mothers who want or are already facing one pregnancy. From exclusive breastfeeding to cesarean section to returning to work and accepting one’s body postpartum. The laboratory experience, through theater and alternative communication tools to the usual ones, aims to give future mothers the opportunity to face anxieties, fears, taboos through an experience of movement, acting, listening and discussion with their laboratory companions. No judgments and prejudices, just the freedom to express oneself and explore every choice and opportunity.

Unveil yourself

He puts it on stage, from8
to 12 February 2024to the Carcano Theater in Milan only female bodies, directed by playwright and director Silvia Gallerano. This is a research path aimed only at one audience of women (anyone who feels like one) which allows us to investigate what happens to bodies during the various phases of life. « It’s a call. Whoever feels like it answers. It’s not for everyone. It’s for anyone who wants to meet us. We don’t show ourselves like zoo animals. We welcome those who are interested in mirroring themselves. There are words. Many. Which cover, which protect the bodies. And then there are the bodies. Just as we look at them in the mirror when we wake up. Before disguising them to walk among others. You know when they say: imagine a person who scares you while they are naked. To dismantle it. To see that it is made up of the same pieces that make up you. Here, we really undress. We show all our pieces” is the concept of a show made by women and for women.

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