How dangerous is the new variant of corona virus JN1?

How dangerous is the new variant of corona virus JN1?

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The new variant of the corona virus, JN1, has started spreading rapidly around the world, its cases have been reported in India, America, China and the United Kingdom, including Pakistan.

According to media reports, the JN1 is being seen as a Variant of Interest (VOI) and is essentially a variant of the Omicron variant.

According to the British media, a warning was issued by the World Health Organization last week regarding the spread of JN1.

The WHO had classified the new variant of the coronavirus as an enigmatic strain due to its rapid spread.

Experts say that the new type of corona virus is highly contagious and is spreading much faster in several countries, but is not more dangerous than other types.

Characteristics of the JN1 variant

Symptoms of the JN1 variant include fever, chills, cough, fatigue and body aches.

National Institutes of Health Advisory

The National Institute of Health had issued an advisory regarding the new variant of Covid-19, JN1.

According to NIH, the aim of the advisory is to inform concerned authorities and stakeholders regarding precautionary measures, as the new Covid-19 variant may increase pressure on hospital OPDs and wards.

The NIH says that the JN1 variant is rapidly replacing other Covid-19 variants around the world.

According to the NIH, preventive measures against Covid include washing hands with soap and using sanitizer, avoiding crowded places to avoid contracting Covid and other lung-related viruses.

According to the NIH, vaccines are still the best way to prevent Covid.

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