“Hot and Hot” inspires fighting spirit? Before losing weight, understand these things first!

“Hot and Hot” inspires fighting spirit? Before losing weight, understand these things first!


During the Spring Festival, a movie called “Hot” not only boosted the group purchase sales of boxing classes in various places, but also inspired a large number of people to be motivated to keep fit and lose weight. Indeed, reasonable exercise has many benefits for the body, and losing weight is just one of them. It can also promote metabolism, improve sleep, and make you happy.

However, it is not easy to lose weight through exercise. It requires perseverance and step-by-step. You must not be impatient or step into pitfalls. March 4th is World Obesity Day. Doctors take stock of six common misunderstandings in the process of exercise to lose weight.

Myth 1: Exercise alone can help you lose weight

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to consume human energy, but exercise alone cannot achieve the best weight loss results. For example, some people relax their diet control after exercising heavily. Even if they eat an extra ice cream or a few pieces of cake, their hard-earned weight loss results will be wasted. In short, to achieve good weight loss results, regular exercise and dietary control are indispensable. This is a bit like patients with high blood pressure who usually take antihypertensive drugs on time and in the right amount, but still need to eat a light diet.

Misunderstanding 2: The greater the intensity of exercise, the better

The purpose of weight loss is to lose “fat” on the body. Research shows that long-lasting low-intensity aerobic exercise can consume more fat. At the beginning of exercise, the main consumption is glucose in the blood. As the exercise time prolongs, the muscles begin to obtain energy by oxidizing fatty acids (consuming fat). High-intensity exercise cannot be sustained for too long, and many people are tired and end their exercise before they can consume more fat. Therefore, easy, gentle, long-term low-intensity exercise is more conducive to weight loss.

It is also necessary for everyone to understand the concept of “maximum fat oxidation rate (MFO)”, which is “the peak of fat oxidation rate reached during exercise”. The corresponding exercise intensity at this time is called “maximum fat oxidation intensity”. At this time, the fat loss effect Better, and long-term exercise training can also help increase MFO. Clinically, individualized weight loss plans are often formulated based on this.

Myth 3: The more you sweat, the better

Many people sweat profusely during exercise and secretly rejoice that “this exercise is very effective.” In fact, the sweat emitted is water, not fat. The amount of sweating is not directly related to fat consumption, and the heat taken away by sweat is minimal. Sweating more can only mean that the environment is hotter during exercise or the body produces more heat and needs to dissipate heat through sweating. Therefore, the amount of sweating cannot be used to evaluate the weight loss effect. Even if the amount of exercise is the same, different people sweat differently, which is affected by basal metabolic rate, number of sweat glands, etc.

Myth 4: Exercise causes knee joint degeneration

Some obese middle-aged people are worried about exercising to lose weight, worrying that exercise will cause knee joint degeneration. Objectively speaking, as age increases, knee joints will inevitably undergo degenerative changes to varying degrees, just as people age slowly. This is a natural phenomenon. Regardless of whether you are obese or not, it is recommended to choose an exercise program that suits you based on the health of your knee joints. For example, people with severe knee joint disease should try to reduce weight-bearing and walk or jog for a long time. They can also choose swimming, cycling and other projects, which can also achieve the purpose of losing weight.

Misunderstanding 5: Sports equipment can be simpler

Although most of us are not professional athletes and only exercise for physical exercise, sports equipment must be “carefully selected” to maximize the comfort and safety during exercise. In my opinion, sports shoes are the most important thing to choose among many equipments. They must ensure good fit and comfort, and have anti-shock air cushions to reduce joint pressure. Different sports have different functional requirements for sports shoes. It is important not to use one pair of sneakers for all sports.

Myth 6: If you stop exercising, you will definitely rebound.

I often hear a saying: “Exercise is not a one-time thing. As long as you don’t exercise, you will definitely regain weight.” It is true that some people gain weight again after stopping exercise, but the key factor that causes weight regain is not just stopping exercise. , but let go of eating and drinking again, causing the calories to exceed the standard. If we can’t insist on long-term exercise, then at least “keep your mouth shut”, and generally we won’t gain weight again.

Many friends talk about their weight loss journey, like a period of overwhelming labor, arduous and tragic. During the long exercise process, it is indeed difficult to give up food, overcome laziness and procrastination, but persistence is worth it. Text/Wang Fang (Beijing Hospital)


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