Hospital emergencies: “saturated” services like “every winter”, according to a union

Hospital emergencies: “saturated” services like “every winter”, according to a union

A union alerts on the situation in hospital emergency rooms. “Nothing has changed” in these services, which are “currently saturated, like every winter”, said Marc Noizet, president of the union, this Wednesday. Samu-Emergencies of Franceobserving a “form of resignation of healthcare workers”.

“The Strasbourg University Hospital was forced to deploy a health unit in front of its emergency rooms to avoid congestion and ambulance queues lasting 8 to 10 hours in front of its department,” he said on France Inter. The White plan was however activated in Alsace in mid-December, allowing hospital directors to cancel non-urgent operations or reorganize staff schedules.

Marc Noizet also took a “little tour of France” of the difficulties. “In Finistère, three emergency services went on strike at the beginning of December”, “in Bordeaux, we no longer have the capacity to answer at center 15” and, “in Var, it is a service out of two emergency rooms which now close at night,” further described the head of the Mulhouse emergency department.

“This year, once again, we have the problem of the conjunction of several epidemics”, with in particular “ the flu on the rise in the eastern part of France” and “an upsurge of Covid “, he explained. “Every day in emergency departments, there are lines of patients waiting for a hospital bed to become available,” he added.

This situation can also be explained by cases which would fall under community medicine, which is also in “crisis”, underlines for his part Frédéric Valletoux, Horizons deputy (presidential majority) of Seine-et-Marne, also interviewed on France Inter.

The lack of “long-term government action”

Faced with tensions in terms of recruitment at the public hospital, the fixed compensation for work on Sundays and public holidays and night work for some hospital staff will be increased on January 1, in accordance with the government’s commitments.

Concerning the parade of five ministers who have already succeeded each other at the head of the Ministry of Health under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron since 2017, Marc Noizet deplores “an absence of visibility” for the health system.

“We need real measures that support the future and we are waiting for them,” he said, a week after the resignation of Aurélien Rousseau, due to disagreement on the Immigration law and the interim appointment of Agnès Firmin Le Bodo. “As long as we do not have long-term government action, it will be complicated,” according to Frédéric Valletoux, who proposed a bill aimed at improving access to care in the territories adopted in Parliament on December 18.

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