High-quality medical resources “sink” to your doorstep!Make medical treatment more convenient and faster

High-quality medical resources “sink” to your doorstep!Make medical treatment more convenient and faster


  During the National Two Sessions in 2024, Guangxi Daily-Guangxi Cloud gave full play to the advantages of the communication channel of “three-level linkage between districts, cities and counties”, realized “newspaper network linkage”, and cooperated with the city and county integrated media centers to launch a special plan for the National Two Sessions, “said the representative committee member “A series of integrated reports, inviting deputies to the National People’s Congress and members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference at all levels to respond to the concerns and expectations of the society on difficult and hot issues related to the economic and social development of our region.In this issue, let’s take a look at the discussions held by deputies to the National People’s Congress and members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference at all levels to improve the quality and efficiency of primary medical services.

  On March 6, “Guangxi Daily” Page 008 launched the “Grassroots Connection” column and published “Regarding promoting the improvement of quality and efficiency of primary medical services, the representative committee suggested this – let high-quality medical resources “sink” to the doorsteps》An article, the details are as follows↓↓


Luo Yulan, member of the Neighborhood Committee of Wangxianpo Community, Xingning District, Nanning City:

The construction of primary medical care is an issue of special concern to the general public. When residents usually have minor illnesses or pains, they are unwilling to go to a large hospital to register for treatment. It is too troublesome. We hope to realize the medical treatment model of “treating minor illnesses in the community, going to the hospital for serious illnesses, and returning to the community for recovery”. This year’s government work report puts forward requirements such as “focusing on promoting hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and guiding high-quality medical resources to the grassroots level.” I wonder if the representatives have any good opinions or suggestions on further improving the level of community medical care and truly opening up the “last mile” of serving residents’ health?


Sun Yan, deputy to the National People’s Congress and deputy director of the Autonomous Region Maternal and Child Health Hospital:

Community healthcare is the cornerstone of primary healthcare. At present, there is still a large gap between the medical level of community hospitals and residents’ expectations. Therefore, to improve community medical standards and medical services, it is necessary to strengthen the multi-faceted construction of primary medical care.

The first is to increase financial support and continue to invest more funds in the construction and upgrading of primary medical institutions, including upgrading hardware facilities, introducing advanced medical equipment, improving the medical environment, investing in public health services, etc.; the second is to improve the professional level of primary doctors. , strengthen the training and education of grassroots doctors, especially general practitioners, promote more expert resources to sink to the grassroots, so that grassroots doctors have more opportunities to learn and make progress; the third is to strengthen the construction of medical informatization and realize the integration of medical data and public health Data, sharing and interoperability between primary medical institutions and higher-level hospitals; the fourth is to establish a complete medical service system, promote cooperation between primary medical institutions and higher-level hospitals in depth, and achieve “first diagnosis at the grassroots level, linkage between upper and lower levels, separation of urgent and slow treatment, and two-way transfer”. “Diagnosis” hierarchical diagnosis and treatment service model; fifthly, strengthen supervision and evaluation, further promote the National Health Commission’s “Quality Service Primary Care” and community hospital construction projects, and promote the standardized development of primary medical institutions.

Du Liqun, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and head nurse of the AIDS Department of Nanning Fourth People’s Hospital:

Being able to enjoy high-quality medical services at their doorstep is what many people look forward to. At present, primary medical care in many places, especially in underdeveloped areas, is still weak and staffed insufficiently; medical infrastructure and medical environment are also uneven, all of which affect the level of primary medical services.

The key to expanding the capacity and capacity of primary medical services is people. It is necessary to increase talent training and improve personnel capabilities in primary medical services. Health departments at all levels can actively connect with medical schools to conduct targeted training of grassroots health personnel; improve the quality of grassroots health personnel through general practitioner training, academic upgrades, further training, optimization of performance appraisals, and improvement of welfare benefits.

The strength of primary medical care has grown, and it can solve the medical problems of a large number of people. But for some severely ill patients, they still have to go to large hospitals for treatment. This requires strengthening cooperation between large hospitals and grassroots hospitals, smoothing access to medical treatment, and truly establishing a three-level diagnosis and treatment system including municipal hospitals, county (district) hospitals, and community or township hospitals.

Primary medical services are the “first line of defense” for people’s health. By building this line of defense, the people’s life happiness index will be greatly improved, and the pressure of difficulty in admission, registration, and treatment in large hospitals will also be reduced.

Zhao Hongyang, member of the Nanning Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference, member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Nanning Municipal Health Commission:

In recent years, Nanning City has continued to strengthen the construction of urban and rural primary medical and health service systems and talent teams, and strengthened family doctor contract services. The appearance of primary medical and health care has been improved. However, in actual work, there are still obvious shortcomings that restrict the further improvement of service levels.

First of all, we must focus on improving the capabilities of grassroots medical and health service teams, strengthen the “rural employment of rural doctors”, and promote the transformation of rural doctors into practicing (assistant) physicians; strengthen grassroots health talent capacity improvement training, and carry out transfer training for general practitioners. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the talent transfer mechanism, promote high-quality medical resources within county medical communities and urban medical groups to sink to the grassroots level, strive to build a number of county medical sub-centers, and support grassroots medical institutions with strong comprehensive capabilities to develop community hospitals. It is also necessary to further expand the new channel of “Internet + medical and health services”, strengthen remote diagnosis and treatment services, and at the same time create pilot counties and districts for the digital management system of chronic diseases.

In accordance with the task requirements proposed by Nanning City this year to “accelerate the construction of a close medical alliance” and “promote the establishment of primary health care in the entire region”, we will combine the actual situation to promote related work to improve the quality and efficiency of primary medical services.


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