“Hibernation” ends, experts give you some tips to kill mosquitoes

“Hibernation” ends, experts give you some tips to kill mosquitoes

There is a Chinese poem that goes, “The spring thunder shakes the sky, awakening the winter insects and the singing of hundreds of birds.” After the “Jingzhe” solar term, the temperature began to rise steadily, and the first batch of mosquitoes that successfully overwintered in the corners of the cat came back to life. At this time, you have to beware of these “vampires” who are in desperate need of energy and want to feast on you. Today, Liu Meide, an associate researcher at the Disinfection Institute of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will provide some tips on how to kill mosquitoes.

You can make a lot of money by killing an overwintering mosquito

First, let’s introduce the vampire overwintering mosquito that infests people. Generally speaking, the mosquito species that can bite people in spring in northern areas are Culex pipiens mosquitoes that overwinter as adults. Studies have shown that “eliminating one overwintering mosquito is equivalent to eliminating a thousand second-generation mosquitoes.” Preventing hibernating overwintering mosquitoes can effectively reduce the probability of mosquito bites and harassment that year.

Liu Meide introduced that under low temperature conditions in winter, they hide as adults in various humid, warm, dark and sheltered places, such as underground garages, vacant rooms, under escalators, public toilets, and indoor kitchens and bathrooms. , under the bed or in the gaps between furniture. After the hibernation, when the temperature stabilizes above 15°C in spring, these overwintering mosquitoes will revive, fly out of the overwintering site and nearby areas, and search for blood hosts to bite.

 This “mosquito” is harmless to humans and animals. People with trypophobia are under great pressure.

Here, I would also like to introduce a small insect that likes to cosplay into a mosquito, it is a chironomid. Because chironomids look very similar to mosquitoes, they are often mistaken for mosquitoes that bite people. However, chironomids have degenerated mouthparts and cannot sting or suck blood, let alone transmit diseases.

Every spring, when the water temperature rises above 14°C and the air temperature reaches above 17°C, chironomid adults in nature will begin to move. They usually appear in parks, rivers and lakes, and sometimes can be seen in underground garages, corridors, walls, windows or homes in residential areas.

Chironomid larvae develop very quickly, and can form the first density peak of the year in spring. Chironomid larvae like to live in high-density groups, so they often cluster together in a dense mass near the breeding site, causing great psychological pressure on people.

However, because it does not have significant public health significance, residents do not need to worry about its high-density gathering.

In spring mosquito control, everything from prevention to elimination is indispensable

First of all, residents still need to take physical protection, and promptly check and repair household doors and windows as well as screen doors and screen windows to prevent the invasion of mosquitoes and chironomids; for residents whose surrounding environment is already densely populated with chironomids, reduce household light sources at sunset. Use and outdoor activities can also reduce the harassment of chironomid mosquitoes to a certain extent.

In addition, it is also important to control the environment and target mosquito nests. Liu Meide explained that this can eliminate the breeding conditions for mosquitoes and chironomid larvae, including turning over pots and jars, filling pits, dredging sewers, ditches, and rivers, cleaning water quality, and keeping water flowing smoothly.

When necessary, we can also carry out chemical control. If it causes bites or harassment to residents, residual spraying or space spraying can be carried out under the guidance of professional technicians to kill them in time. For those that have invaded the home, using household mosquito spray to kill them can also have a good effect.

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