help comes from the anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet – WWN

help comes from the anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet – WWN

Of Anna Fregonara

The foundations of the true nutrition of our tradition are even reflected in diseases such as neurodegenerative ones. Here’s why and which foods to prefer or limit

A’anti-inflammatory nutrition can contribute to trying to prevent or keep under control that little fire that is always lit which inflames the organism in a chronic way and which more and more research identifies as one of the factors that favor the onset and progression of the
multiple sclerosis (Sm)
a disease autoimmune neurodegenerative.

The mechanism

Inflammation supports the abnormal reaction of a part of the immune system that determines the damage to the myelin sheath that surrounds nerve fibers which can no longer effectively transmit electrical impulses, explains Laura Mendozzi, neurologist at the Multiple Sclerosis Center of the Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus Foundation and author of the book Diet and lifestyle for multiple sclerosis (Carocci editore) together with Alessia d’Arma , psychologist and psychotherapist and research collaborator at the Irccs San Raffaele in Milan, and to Valentina Rossi, nutritional biologist and doctor in environmental toxicology at the University of Milan Bicocca.

The type of diet

MS is a multifactorial disease, but more and more research is focusing attention on role of lifestylethose daily behaviors that significantly impact health: nutrition, physical exercise, emotions, sleep-wake rhythms, smoking and alcohol. From the scientific literature it emerges as acorrect nutrition could be an effective tool in counteracting the inflammation that can influence the onset and progression of the disease, Rossi specifies. The rule for eating well variety and seasonality by choosing lightly processed foods and in moderate portions. Therefore space for fruit, vegetables, especially whole grain cereals such as spelt, barley and rice, legumes, dried fruit.

Thanks to the presence of antioxidant compounds and especially fibre, they play a protective role against overweight, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and tumors, all disorders that have an inflammatory state in common. Fibers, in particular, are the favorite food of the intestinal microbiota which, if kept in balance, protects us from dysbiosis. The continuation of this imbalance generates inflammatory molecules (cytokines) which, due to the greater permeability of the inflamed intestinal wall, migrate. The local inflammation thus becomes systemic and the immune system is altered.

What foods and how to cook them

What to prefer or limit? Fermented foods such as kefir, tempeh, sauerkraut are suitable. Refined cereals, sugary drinks, red and preserved meats, animal fats, sugar, alcohol and excess salt should be limited. THE fats must not be missing from the table, but the “good” ones that come from nuts and oil seeds (30 g per day) and from extra virgin olive oil added raw (3-4 tablespoons per day): among the many benefits they provide a fundamental role as a constituent of myelin (the sheath of the nerves, ed), explains nutritionist Rossi.

Furthermore, aromatic herbs and spices, in addition to reducing condiments and salt, provide antioxidant, antiseptic, hypoglycemic and antimicrobial substances. Finally, cooking methods are important to preserve nutrients. For them vegetables
avoid boiling and pressure cooker, which lead to a significant loss of vitamins and minerals. They are however suitable for legumes. For cereals, absorption cooking is better. For meat and fish limit grid, the incorrect use of which can favor the production of unhealthy substances, and salt crust which tends to salt foods too much. Let’s indulge in frying for special occasions. In short, the advice is there
true Mediterranean diet

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