“Healthy Sleep…

“Healthy Sleep…


  Have you ever tossed and turned late at night and had trouble falling asleep? Have you ever felt exhausted from lack of sleep? With the acceleration of urbanization, people’s life pace is getting faster and faster, and sleep problems have become increasingly prominent.annual March 21 is designated as “World Sleep Day”, which also reflects people’s desire for high-quality sleep.

  March 21, 2024 is the 25th World Sleep Day, and this year’s theme is “Healthy Sleep, Shared by Everyone”. In order to increase the public’s attention to sleep health, improve patients with sleep disorders and anxiety disorders’ awareness of the disease, and strengthen the public’s attention to sleep quality and mental health, the Tianjin Sleep Research Association will hold a city-wide event on World Sleep Day. The “2024 Hundreds of Homes Night·Enjoy Sleep-Sleep Health Charity Project” activity will be launched within the month.

  In this event, Tianjin Sleep Research Institute willWith the theme of “Healthy Sleep for Everyone”, a series of colorful activities are carried out, including popular science propaganda on healthy sleep and mental health for patients, patient education, public welfare clinics, and sleep-related or mental health activities for clinical target departments. Exchanges between relevant experts and departments, etc. The main venue is located in Tianjin First Central Hospital, and branch venues will be set up in 16 hospitals including Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, Tianjin Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Hospital, and Tianjin Anding Hospital.

  This event will help improve the level of multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment and provide more comprehensive and professional medical services to patients. Professor Wang Zhiyun from Tianjin First Central Hospital said:“Sleep is an indispensable part of our lives. Sleep can restore our bodies and restore our energy. Sleep can also regulate emotions and build immune barriers. I call on everyone to pay attention to sleep and embrace health. It is recommended that if you have sleep disorders, cannot sleep well, Friends who are not sleeping well, sleep too much, or have sleep behavior disorders should come to the hospital as soon as possible.” Professor Yang Jianli of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital also said that sleep is an important part of life activities, and only good sleep can lead to mental health and physical health.

  It is reported that this event will invite a number of sleep medicine experts to conduct department exchanges, build a multi-department communication platform, and improve the level of multi-disciplinary related diagnosis and treatment.Under the initiative of the Tianjin Sleep Research Association, hospitals at all levels in Tianjin have built relatively complete sleep centers with psychologicalCT, polysomnography, heart rate variability and other diagnostic equipment. It can conduct a comprehensive assessment of patients and provide comprehensive treatment such as medication, psychology, physics and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. In addition, Professor Zhang He of the Tianjin Sleep Research Association also said: “The traditional medicine of the motherland has many discussions and many treatment methods on human sleep. The Tianjin Sleep Research Association will continue to use modern medical technology while also giving full play to the traditional Chinese medicine. advantages and serve the broad masses of the people.”

  This event is hosted by Tianjin Sleep Research Association, Tianjin First Central Hospital, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, etc.16 units co-organized it. We hope that more people will pay attention to sleep health, pay attention to mental health, and participate in this charity project together. Let us work together to support healthy sleep!

  Free clinic event organizer:

  Main Venue: Tianjin First Central Hospital

  Branch venue: The First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,The Second Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Tianjin CityTianjin Hospital,Tianjin Medical University General Hospital Airport Hospital,Tianjin Medical University General Hospital,Tianjin Medical University Second Hospital,Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Tianjin Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital,Tianjin Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Hospital,Tianjin TEDA Hospital,Tianjin People’s Hospital,Tianjin Heping District Wudao Street Community Health Service Center,Tianjin Fifth Central Hospital,Tianjin Fourth Central Hospital,Tianjin Peking University Medical Offshore Oil Hospital, etc. (The above ranking is in no particular order)


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