“Healthy China Our Action” Tianjin station launched…

“Healthy China Our Action” Tianjin station launched…

  Recently, the Tianjin Health Education Association and Jinyun jointly organized“Healthy China, Let’s Take Action” Tianjin Station was held at the Jinyun Central Kitchen. This event took healthy lifestyle as the entry point, adhered to the “prevention first” policy to the end, and expanded from “nutrition and health” to “healthy lifestyle” , changing from “advocating health” to “everyone taking action”.

Launching ceremony of “Tianjin Residents Healthy Lifestyle Development Plan”

Tianjin Women and Children Development Foundation awarded Amway Experience Center“Family Health Education Base”

  At the event site, the organizer joined hands with Amway Company, a responsible company in the health industry, to launch“Tianjin Residents Healthy Lifestyle Development Plan”. An Guangjie, director of Tianjin Health Promotion Center and president of Tianjin Health Education Association, said: “The fundamental purpose of building a healthy China is the health of all people.accomplishoverall healthIt is an important symbol of the country’s prosperity and people’s happiness. Behind the eight words “We act for a healthy China” embodies the efforts of each of our cities and everyone for a healthy China. “

An Guangjie, President of Tianjin Health Education Association, delivers a speech

   “Healthy Tianjin, nutrition first”, a reasonable diet is the cornerstone of health, and eating a nutritious breakfast every day is an important step to achieve a reasonable diet and promote health. Tianjin Medical University, as the academic support unit of this event, conducted a survey on the breakfast behavior of Tianjin residents.Understand the knowledge, attitudes and eating behaviors of Tianjin residents about breakfast nutrition,And release the survey results and interpret the report at the event site.

Liu Huan, deputy dean of the School of Public Health of Tianjin Medical University, interpreted the report on the spot

  Liu Huan, deputy dean of the School of Public Health of Tianjin Medical University, said:The breakfast behavior and breakfast quality of Tianjin residents need to be improved. Among the adult residents surveyed, more than 20% of the residents cannot eat breakfast every day, and the breakfast varieties of more than 80% of the adult residents fail to meet the recommendations in the breakfast nutrition and health model for Chinese residents. quantity, of which,Young people aged 18-24 pay particularly little attention to breakfast nutrition. In addition, poor breakfast quality and insufficient or unbalanced nutrient intake will not only reduce work and study efficiency, but also easily increase the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Qu Fengying, deputy director of the Nutrition and Health Guidance Committee of Tianjin Health Education Association, gave a live speech“Healthy Life Starts with Nutritious Breakfast” Report

  To promote reasonable meals and popularize breakfast nutrition, Qu Fengying, deputy director of the Nutrition and Health Guidance Committee of the Tianjin Health Education Association, based on the “Breakfast Nutrition and Health Model for Chinese Residents”,Guide the public to pay attention to breakfast nutrition,By eating well every dayThe first meal, develop a healthy lifestyle and improve your health.

Nutritional and healthy breakfast model for Chinese residents

  The “Breakfast Nutrition and Health Model for Chinese Residents” proposes:

The amount of breakfast food should account for 25-30% of the total food intake throughout the day, and the energy supply is similar to that of lunch and dinner;

Ensure a variety of food (at least four varieties). A fast, convenient and nutritious breakfast should include 1 serving of cereal staples, 1 serving of milk, eggs and other foods, and 1 serving each of vegetables and fruits: pay special attention to high-quality foods rich in high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, etc.; contain vitamins , minerals, dietary fiber and plant compounds and other nutrients; foods rich in probiotics to achieve balanced, sufficient and comprehensive nutrients.

Choose more foods with high nutrient density and less foods high in oil, salt, and sugar such as fried, pickled foods, and pastries.

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