Health: Worldwide increase in cancer cases expected

Health: Worldwide increase in cancer cases expected

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has published a new forecast of the number of people worldwide Cancer sick, will rise rapidly. In 2022, 20 million new cases of cancer were registered, and this number could increase by 77 percent to 35 million per year by 2050.

According to IARC, 19.3 million cancer diagnoses were made in 2020. However, the agency emphasizes that direct comparisons are always difficult because the survey methods are constantly being updated. According to the agency, one in five people will currently develop cancer in their lifetime. One in nine men and one in twelve women die from such an illness.

Reasons include air pollution and obesity

The largest increase in new cases is expected WHO in the most developed countries in the world. Compared to 2022, she expects there to be 4.8 million additional cases by 2050. In relation to the number of inhabitants, the largest increase is expected in the least developed countries – according to the forecast, cancer cases there could increase by up to 142 percent.

The reasons for the increase are different. According to IARC, these are the main ones growth of population and the increased life expectancy of people is responsible for this. But changes in lifestyle also bring increased risks: gambling, for example tobacco– and alcoholconsumption and obesity play a major role, as well as an increasing one Air pollution.

According to the information, 9.7 million people died of cancer in 2022. The most common types were lung, breast and colon cancer. While women were most commonly diagnosed with breast cancer, followed by lung and colon cancer, lung cancer was the most common form in men. The next most common variants were prostate and colon cancer.

Most deaths from lung cancer

A total of 2.5 million people were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2022. This corresponds to 12.4 percent of all registered cancer cases. 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer (11.6 percent of all cancer cases), and 1.9 million people (9.6 percent) were diagnosed with colon cancer. Prostate and stomach cancer follow as the most common forms of cancer.

According to the information, most deaths were also due to lung cancer. 1.8 million people died from it, accounting for 18.7 percent of all cancer deaths. 900,000 people (9.3 percent) died from colon cancer and 670,000 (6.9 percent) from breast cancer.

According to IARC, in 2022 the number of people alive five years after a cancer diagnosis was 53.5 million. In 2020 there were 50.6 million. However, the agency considers direct comparisons to be difficult here too due to the constant improvement in survey methods.

The International Agency for Cancer Research, based in Lyon, is part of the World Health Organization (WHO) in genf. The agency evaluated data from 185 countries for the report.

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