Seema Jilani leads emergency medical operations for the humanitarian aid organization International Rescue Committee (IRC). At the beginning of the year, the pediatrician herself was working in the emergency room of Al-Aqsa Hospital in the central Gaza Strip. Because of the bombing, the IRC team had to be evacuated after two weeks. In the following interview she describes drastic scenes that can be very disturbing.

TIME ONLINE: Ms. Jilani, whose idea was it that you went after Gaza go?

Seema Jilani: I volunteered. Initially, I was involved in the planning of our operation as a senior consultant for emergency medicine. Since the Gaza Strip has been so insecure since the outbreak of war, careful planning and a concept were important. It was my suggestion that I would also be there as a doctor. Over the past 19 years, I have repeatedly been to war and crisis areas, including the West Bank and twice to Gaza. So I’m used to a lot.