Health spending, what is mutual aid

Health spending, what is mutual aid

According to the latest report State of Health in the EU – drawn up by the European Commission on the basis of analyzes by the OECD and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies – the health expenditure of Italian citizens, both direct and for voluntary health insurance, represents 24.5% of total health expenditure: a a percentage 30% higher than that of the EU average (which stands at 18.9%, data referring to 2021). Another interesting fact is that over 45% of direct spending is absorbed by outpatient care. This is the general scenario which, certainly, has changed profoundly in recent years and is destined to evolve. And in this panorama the offer of mutual healthcare is also growing, with a “new” player: Casagit Salute. The word new is in quotation marks because, in reality, the mutual aid society has been offering its assistance for 50 years, but until now registration was reserved only for the professional category of journalists. Now Casagit Salute is facing change by opening up to the market and extending its range of healthcare services to everyone.

The differences between mutual aid and insurance

A company of mutual aid it is based on the fact that members pay an annual contribution to support any health expenses necessary to protect their own health and that of the entire community. Unlike insurance, therefore, it is not for profit and is not a commercial enterprise. Furthermore, Casagit Salute does not select members based on previous pathologies and allows registration up to the age of 75, then assisting them for their entire life without the possibility of recession, unless the members request it (the insurance companies instead set a limit of age). Again: the premium is partly tax deductible. “This company is the result of a great intuition of journalists in the mid-70s, who founded an association to protect the health of the category, and which later became their supplementary health fund. – says Gianfranco Giuliani, President of Casagit Salute – The company currently has more than 52 thousand members and has decided to open up to the general public”.

A network of excellent facilities

L’healthcare offer by Casagit Salute is based on a network of highly qualified structures and skills throughout Italy. Overall, it includes 650 medical practices, 700 dental practices, 200 hospitalization centers and 200 outpatient clinics. But members’ freedom of choice – a value on which Casagit Salute is based – is not limited to affiliated facilities: healthcare costs, in fact, are reimbursed – based on the price list – even when you prefer to turn to other doctors or other centers regardless of whether they are public or private.

Five health plans

“At the start of the celebrations for its 50 years – continues Giuliani – Casagit Salute aims to extend its services well beyond the simple reimbursement of services. Confirming its strong identity of solidarity, it intends to offer total protection, of a health and welfare type, to protect more fragile users in moments of greatest difficulty”. Today, in fact, Casagit Salute’s offer on the markets offers five different health plans to cover medical expenses: from hospitalizations and surgeries to specialist visits, from clinical and diagnostic tests to dental care, from tickets to non-self-sufficiency, from physical and rehabilitation therapies to the purchase of prostheses and glasses. “We are starting again to invest in change – concludes Giuliani – but remaining firmly anchored to the values ​​that inspired those who founded this mutual society: solidarity, hospitality and profound humanity in relationships”.

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