According to the Federal Minister of Health, the planned reform of general practitioner remuneration is intended Karl Lauterbach (SPD) will not result in an increase in health insurance contributions. “The contribution rate will not increase for this measure. The costs are not that high,” Lauterbach told the public radio station WDR 5. The politician contradicted previous reports that the health insurance contributions should continue to rise as a result of the planned reforms in general practitioners’ practices.

With the first reform last year, a deficit of almost 17 billion euros had already been offset. “So the system has now more or less reached equilibrium. The contribution rates will no longer rise significantly,” said Lauterbach. The premium increases announced by the statutory health insurance companies at the beginning of the year included “minimal increases for better medicine”.

According to the minister, the family doctor reform will result in costs running into the three-digit million range. The exact amount is currently being calculated.

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