He learned he had cancer with an extremely rare symptom

He learned he had cancer with an extremely rare symptom

The diagnosis of a tumor in the thyroid gland of a woman living in Malaysia who had no health problems other than her cough caused astonishment in the medical world.

He learned he had cancer with an extremely rare symptom

An interesting incident took place in Malaysia. A 54-year-old woman, whose identity was not disclosed, had been suffering from chronic cough for six months before being diagnosed with cancer.

He initially dismissed his symptom as something more harmless, but when he started coughing up blood, he sought medical attention.

Doctors subjected the woman to numerous tests, which prompted them to take a biopsy of her thyroid gland. The woman was eventually diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

Small white spots, which are considered a sign of cancer, were noticed in the woman…

In the case study published in the American Journal of Case Reports, it was also stated that the woman also had diabetes and high blood pressure.

Coughing up blood is a rare symptom of papillary thyroid cancer and requires extensive evaluation to reach a final diagnosis, doctors wrote.


The woman had no fever, shortness of breath or other symptoms. He had no history of radiation exposure, a risk factor for thyroid cancer, and had no relatives with thyroid cancer.

Doctors also found no swelling in the neck. Doctors who examined him found that his thyroid gland was functioning normally. He also had no difficulty breathing.

There were no signs of infection and all blood tests showed normal results. The thyroid function test used to check thyroid function was also normal.

Finally, doctors performed a CT scan of the area between his abdomen and neck to investigate the cause of the bloody cough.

The images revealed that the left side of her thyroid was enlarged, with tiny calcium spots in a nodule or lump, a hallmark of cancer.

When additional tests revealed that the mass was cancerous, the woman’s entire thyroid was removed because the tumor was large and there was suspicion that the cancer had spread to surrounding areas.

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