Focus on the cutting-edge and discuss standard cancer treatment…

Focus on the cutting-edge and discuss standard cancer treatment…

  In order to promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of cancer and promote the high-quality development of cancer prevention and treatment,On December 23, the 2023 Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association Academic Annual Conference, hosted by the Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association and hosted by the Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University, was successfully held. Experts and scholars from the city’s oncology community gathered together to focus on the cutting-edge and discuss standardized cancer treatment through a combination of online and offline methods.

  Vice Chairman of Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association Xu Yong presided over the opening ceremony.

  Hao Xishan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of the Tianjin Cancer Institute, and director of the National Malignant Tumor Clinical Research Center; Hao Jihui, chairman of the Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of Tianjin Medical University, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of the Cancer Hospital; Tianjin Liu Jianguo, Vice President of Medical University and Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Medical University Second Hospital, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Academician Hao Xishan

Principal Hao Jihui

Secretary Liu Jianguo

  They unanimously stated that this academic annual meeting is a grand gathering in the field of cancer in Tianjin, bringing together academicians, well-known experts and scholars to discuss the latest research results and cutting-edge technologies in the field of cancer prevention and treatment. We hope that through this academic annual meeting, we can broaden the academic horizons of medical staff in various cancer professions, effectively strengthen deeper regional exchanges and collaboration, jointly promote the innovation and development of cancer prevention and treatment technologies, and bring hope and vitality to more patients.  

  During the academician forum, Zhan Qimin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Zhang Xu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, spoke respectively.They shared the latest research results, cutting-edge technologies and development trends in their respective fields with the topics of “Technological Innovation and Precision Medicine” and “The future of surgical development, is there a future for telesurgery?” to promote the collision and exchange of academic ideas.


  General Assembly 1 keynote report forum and 16 sub-forums, covering multiple primary tumors and unknown primary tumors, malignant melanoma, childhood tumors, lung cancer, thyroid tumors, head and neck tumors, oncoplastic surgery, gastric cancer, hematological tumors, lymphoma, and traditional cancer Medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine for cancer, minimally invasive surgical treatment for cancer, clinical research on cancer drugs, nutrition and supportive treatment for cancer, chemotherapy for cancer, treatment of severe cancer and adverse reactions to cancer treatment, cancer rehabilitation and palliation, gynecological cancer, geriatric cancer, clinical cancer testing Wait for many professionals. Experts attending the meeting exchanged the latest progress and development trends in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer on new ideas, new technologies, and new methods in various fields such as basic cancer, internal medicine, surgery, imaging, pathology, etiology, and epidemiology. The content of the conference is rich and exciting, including the sharing of clinical experience and the display of basic and translational research, providing a platform and opportunity for oncology medical workers to communicate, learn, interact, and improve.


  This annual academic conference focuses on new concepts, new achievements, and new ideas in cancer prevention and treatment, explores new situations, shares new ideas, exchanges new experiences, disseminates new knowledge, conveys the authoritative voice of cancer prevention and treatment, and provides learning and exchange opportunities for professional doctors in the city’s industry , will surely effectively promote the new situation of cancer prevention and treatment in our city.

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