Flu epidemic continues at ‘high level’ but begins to slow down

Flu epidemic continues at ‘high level’ but begins to slow down


The flu epidemic continued last week at “a high level,” but it has started to slow down, the public health agency said Wednesday. All the indicators of this virus were thus “in sharp decline” in community medicine and in hospitals in all age groups, summarized the Public Health France agency in its weekly bulletin.

“In town, the share of SOS Médecins activity for influenza-like illness went from a moderate to low level for all ages combined. In hospital, the share of hospitalizations after going to the emergency room went from a high level to a moderate level for all ages,” details the bulletin.

In the overseas departments and regions, Guyana and the Antilles still remained in an epidemic.

Estimates of influenza vaccination coverage as of December 31, 2023 among targeted people at risk were lower than those of the previous season on the same date, Public Health France also reports.

Covid-19 indicators at “low levels”

The indicators of Covid-19 were in decline and were “at low levels”. Less than a third of French people aged 65 and over have received an anti-Covid reminder since the start of the autumn campaign.

The High Authority for Health, requested by the ministry, recently declared itself in favor of “a spring vaccination campaign against Covid-19 for people aged 80 and over, as well as residents of nursing homes/USLDs (care units). long-term care) and immunocompromised people”, from April 15 to June 16. She also recommended planning an extension until July 15 “if the epidemiological situation justifies it”.

Concerning bronchiolitis, in mainland France, the indicators were last week “at low levels in all regions” while in the overseas departments and regions, Mayotte remained in an epidemic.


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