Fahrettin Koca: Scabies cases have increased

Fahrettin Koca: Scabies cases have increased

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca said that there was a 7 percent increase in scabies last year.

Minister of Health Fahrettin Kocaanswered journalists’ questions after the Cabinet Meeting.

Regarding Turkey’s establishment of a field hospital in the region for Palestine, Minister Koca said:

-As you know, we have a ship hospital ready for Gaza. We have planned nearly 40 ambulances and they are ready for duty.

-We sent incubators, ventilators, and many small and large generators by 8 ‘Big Yusuf’ planes. Our two general manager colleagues and our medical team of 20 people are still there. We have made all preparations to establish 20 field hospitals both in the area close to the Rafah Border Gate and at Al Arish Airport.

-We are in close dialogue with the Egyptian and Palestinian ministries of health regarding all this. We are waiting for security to be ensured and permissions to be granted. We stand ready to start health operations immediately if permission is given.


Koca said that the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, which was targeted by Israeli forces, was built by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency with a closed area of ​​36 thousand square meters and 180 beds and was given as a gift to Palestine.

Koca said:

-We do not have any healthcare workers assigned to the hospital. This hospital was targeted. Currently, 80 patients are hospitalized for oncological treatment. However, due to lack of drug supply, the treatment of cancer patients has been seriously disrupted.

-All these actions fit neither humanity nor conscience. Targeting healthcare workers and cancer patients, leaving them to die or being targeted by bombs actually constitutes a war crime.

-Children cannot be the dead side of any fight. The sick and injured should not be the oppressed of any hostility.

-However, since their eyes are full of hatred and revenge and their ears are closed to all human cries, it is unfortunately very easy for them to commit war crimes.

-But all humanity that remains silent must prepare itself to answer for this in the court of conscience. One day, the screams of the innocent will disturb all of our sleep and demand their rights from us.


Koca gave the following answer to the question about scabies cases:

-There is no increase that could cause concern. We detected a partial increase. It’s a situation we follow very closely.

-Our early warning systems work very well. In this way, we have the chance to intervene early in unusual developments.

-If we look at the issue specifically about scabies, the prevalence of scabies cases across Turkey was 2.03 last year; 2.17 in the first 9 months of this year. There was an increase of approximately 7 percent compared to last year.

-In the earthquake zone, this increase was approximately 13 percent. It is below expectations for the earthquake zone.

-Therefore, there was no significant increase. It is out of the question to talk about an epidemic situation. We can say that the increase has been slightly higher in recent years, especially in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean regions. (DHA)

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